Well we’ve had a wonderful week or so of hot weather, I hope it stays around for a bit! If there’s one thing I miss about Florida (one thing you say?!), it’s my tan. I miss my sun-kissed skin and having my freckles year-round. I will be sitting in the garden as much as I can when it’s sunny but there are a few products I use to help get my skin looking bronzed and healthy. I’ve rounded up the items and things I do the most during the nicer weather to get summer skin ready. You’ll notice I havent mentioned anything with an SPF, purely because I wanted to write this about products you can use if there is no sun! We live in England afterall.

Getting Summer Skin Ready


I can’t emphasise enough how much water affects your skin! I can always tell the next day if I haven’t drunk at least three litres the day before. My skin will feel tight, I’ll probably start breaking out and it will be really dry. I’ve cut down on coffee too as this was making me more dehydrated. Normally, I’ll drink around 3-4 litres of water per day depending on what exercise I’m doing. If I’m doing a spin class or running or working out twice in a day, I’ll drink even more. It’s super important to drink lots to help your skin glow and rejuvenate overnight.

Palmer’s Gradual Tan

This is a new little gem of a buildable tan that I’ve recently come across! I was using the Dove Summer Spa Summer Revived which I love but I’ve found the Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion works in less time. It gives a really great colour and is a little darker than the fair/medium Dove one that I was using. Developing to a golden brown overnight with the typical cocoa butter scent, you’ll wake up bronzed and glowing with only one use. The only negative I would say about this product is that you should moisturise any dry areas a little first before applying to stop any patches and streaks.

summer skin


If you’re like me, shaving is one of the most tedious of tasks during the summer months. I’ll be completely honest though; I hate waxing my legs because it’s so painful and I don’t find that hair removal cream works for any longer than what shaving does. Plus, having to stand around naked with cream all over my legs pre-shower is annoying and time-consuming. I try not to use disposable ones as I have in the picture but I am due a new one at the moment so waiting until I get a chance to go shopping! My favourites tend to be any of the Wilkinson Sword ones or if they’re not on offer, I’ll go for the Aldi equivalent.

summer skin


For my face, I tend to use a scrub but on my body, I use the white material you can see in the picture. That is a little piece of magic called A Bit Of Rough. It’s an exfoliating wash cloth and is the absolute dream. Literally a long strip of cloth that’s rough so you can use it all over, it is one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used. It’s so much easier to get to the middle-top bit of your back that you can never reach. I’ve had mine for a couple of years so they last for ages if you look after them properly. Let it air dry after using and put it in the wash every week or so. For £12, you really can’t go wrong.

Palmer’s Coconut Butter

Again, another Palmer’s product but I picked this up after seeing a review of it and because I adore the smell of coconut! It doesn’t seem as thick as their usual cocoa butter formula but moisturises just as much. I tend to use this in between the gradual tanner to prolong the colour but also keep my skin silky smooth for when I’ve got my legs out in the sunshine. The scent lasts all day too so I don’t use perfume at the same time.

summer skin

These are just some of the things I use to get summer skin ready. I miss my Florida tan so much. Using a gradual tan has become essential for me now. I was never really that bothered before but now I prefer how I look when I’m more bronzed. I have always loved the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter so when I discovered the coconut one, I instantly fell for that too. If you’re going to do anything to prep your skin for the summer, I would always opt for drinking as much water as possible. It’s so much easier to control your skin when it’s being helped from the inside out.

How are you getting summer skin ready?