And another goodbye this week to this legend too. Have a great time in your new place and I'll see you for a fizz Friday in Wrecsam

And another goodbye this week...

Team DM at said goodbye to their little ray of sunshine @gwhizswan this week. We'll miss you like hell but, boy, are you going to smash it at the new place. Love you always 😘

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Smashed another fitness goal today and went on my first @parkrunuk 🏃‍♀️

Smashed another fitness goal today...

When you discover the sweet spot for natural lighting in your apartment

When you discover the sweet...

Been a while since I've played with make-up properly, changing that from now! Love using @urbandecaycosmetics, especially the Born to Run palette

Been a while since I've...

Finally all settled in and with a new blog post too! 🏡👫💐 Check out my handy tips for moving in together. Link in my bio.

Finally all settled in and...

DreamWeave Lash Construct Mascara

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This little beauty has quickly become one of my favourite mascaras! The DreamWeave Lash Construct Mascara coats the lashes in ‘tubes’ to create amazing, natural looking lashes. It’s really easy to use, completely smudge-proof and isn’t tested on animals. The brand is completely new to me and I really want to try out the Lip Voltage from them too which is a peptide lip plumper that I tried at Pro Beauty this year and was fantastic!

DreaveWeave Lash Construct

The mascara contains a serum which is called ‘Wide Lash’ technology which thickens and nourishes the root and stem of the lash after only 15 days use. I would definitely say I have noticed a difference, I have a habit of pulling the odd lash out when removing mascara but I rarely ever do since using this. I’ve also noticed my lashes are thicker when not wearing any mascara.

Another selling point for the DreamWeave Lash Construct Mascara is that it is completely smudge-free. It creates ‘tubes’ on the lashes so it doesn’t flake, create clumps or smear at all. I can go to the gym wearing this and it stays completely in place. I’ve accidentally fallen asleep in it too and woken up with no panda-eyes whatsoever.

DreaveWeave Lash Construct

The formula creates fluttery lashes and can be built up depending on how much volume, thickness and length you want to have. The only thing I would say with the DreamWeave Lash Construct Mascara is that you have to apply it all in one fell swoop as once it has dried, it can join the lashes together if you try going back over them. However, saying that, if I want quite full and thick look, I will do my top lashes first, then do the bottom and then go over the top once more and they don’t stick together.

DreaveWeave Lash Construct

For £14, I think this mascara is amazing. It creates natural looking, thick and long lashes whilst improving the strength of them. The main reason I love it so much is because it’s smudge proof. I often go to the gym straight from work so I don’t feel like I have to do a complete facial deep-clean before going in. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is waterproof, but it’s pretty close! This would make a great little stocking filler for anyone who likes their mascaras or eye make-up like me. My mum is selling them in her salon, Fern Spa and Beauty Therapies, so if you are interested in getting one, feel free to contact her. There is also a standard version for £12 which doesn’t contain any of the strengthening serum.

Have any of you heard or tried anything from DreamWeave? Definitely one to keep an eye on!