As it was Earth Day on Saturday, so I thought that it was only appropriate for the next in my series to be a park in a day: Animal Kingdom. If I’m being completely honest, before working in Walt Disney World, this was my least favourite park. Since being there for so long, it became possibly one of my favourites. It is so underrated and you can always spot something new. I can’t wait to see Pandora once it opens and I’m able to go back.

A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom


Festival of the Lion King – (fast pass) This is one of my all-time favourite attractions in the whole of Walt Disney World. The show is a mixture of songs from the original Lion King and some new ones. The choreography is completely mind-blowing in it and always leaves you in awe. It can get really busy so if you don’t have a fast pass, I recommend getting there about 45 minutes before the show – seriously.

A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom

Nemo The Musical – I’ve surprisingly only seen this a few times. It’s a stage and musical version of Finding Nemo and costumes are amazing once again. If you can only manage one show, I’d still suggest FOLK over Nemo but this is still a favourite.


Expedition Everest – (fast pass) One of the few rollercoasters at WDW which I completely and utterly adore. The queue system for this is actually really good too, they have artifacts and newspaper clippings about Everest along with supposed sightings or the Yeti. There aren’t any loops but it does go backwards and give a bit of G-force. Great after dark too as you can see the other parks when you’re going up.

A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris – (fast pass) A really fun ride for anyone who loves animals. On your safari, you’ll see lions, gazelles, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinos and so much more. If you time this ride right, you can see a lot of animals most of the time. I’ve been lucky enough to have a rhino walk right past our truck and also witnessed a lion roaring.

A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids – (fast pass) The queues for this can be really horrendous but there’s a good reason for that. It’s a really fun rapids ride but is also a blessing in the Florida heat and humidity. You will get a little bit wet but will generally dry off pretty damn quickly.

Dinosaur – One of my favourites! Travel back in time to try and bring back a dinosaur. A bit of a thrill ride and can be jumpy for small children but they should be fine.

A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom


Yak & Yeti Quick Service – I would generally always go here when I went to Animal Kingdom. They do full meals that can be around the $10 mark but they do a side/snack box of chicken fried rice which is such a big portion

Do you have any suggestions for must-dos at Animal Kingdom?