Bullet Journal: My Current Set Up

I’ve been using my new Bullet Journal since Christmas and after such a successful post on my old setup, I wanted to show you how I use it now. Currently, I’m using the Leuchtturm Medium Notebook in the colour Anthracite, or as I call it, grey. I got it for Christmas, along with some new writing pens and brush pens. I still keep to a similar layout in terms of the order but I’ve made it a lot more me and added in a few new sections.

Week to Week

I often change the style that I write the days of the week and the date but the concept is pretty much the same. I have different colours for different themes: orange; blogging, pink; fitness, purple; personal, work; blue and green; money. I have different symbols depending on whether they’re notes, tasks, appointments or events. If they’re to-dos, I’ll cross them off as I do them.

bullet journal

Fitness Goals

With really reigning it in on my fitness and diet recently, I’ve made a page dedicated to my weightloss journey. Now, I know that weight loss isn’t the main thing to concentrate on, but I want to lose about a stone before I start toning up and adding muscle on. If I can lose a stone, that is achievable and means that I will just be about 7 lbs more than what I was when I finish university.

bullet journal

Monthly Goals

I always like to set myself goals, it gives you a bigger focus for the month and aims to work towards. Breaking them down into themes gives you different ideas to get to grips with. I think smaller goals are much more achievable, there’s no point setting yourself up for failure.

bullet journal

Habit Tracker

This is something I’ve only just started using in the last month or so after seeing it on Pinterest from someone else. In order to help improve the amount of water I’m drinking, what time I’m going to bed, how many times I’m working out, etc. I think that if you can see your changes in a visual format, it’s a lot easier to feel positive and see your lifestyle changing.

bullet journal

I’ve also started practising with my brush pens more and doing a little bit of calligraphy. When I get good enough, I want to start on my Disney scrapbook. I’m not incredibly creative myself and tend to copy things that I’ve seen people doing online but I am a perfectionist when I do something.

Do you use a Bullet Journal? What are your favourite pieces to include?