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    • Body Positivity; What is it & how to get it

      Body Positivity; What is it & how to get it
    • Must-See Spots in Santorini

      Must-See Spots in Santorini
    • How to Get Bikini Body Ready

      How to Get Bikini Body Ready
    • Everything That Goes Through My Head on a First Date

      Everything That Goes Through My Head on a First Date

    Acrylic Nail Recovery

    I made the stupid mistake of getting gels put on back in September because I was sick to death of my nails being short and when they were long, they split or broke. I didn’t try using strengthening varnishes first, I just jumped straight in. I didn’t get on with them very well as I’m quite heavy handed and they…

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    Review: Butter London, Lady Muck

    After recently discovering a lot about the brand Butter London, my lovely friend Becca bought me one as a thank you gift. The colour is called Lady Muck and is a beautiful pearlescent blue-grey. It was seriously smooth to apply and left no streaks or bubbles. The brush has a nice feel to it and makes for an easy application.…

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    Review: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat and Base Coat

    I’ve never really been one to use a base coat or a top coat unless I want to give my nails a bit of strength or a shine. However, my friend, who also loves Nails Inc products, recommended trying the Kensington Caviar Base and Top Coat. The base coat gives a smoothing effect and also nourishes nails, even my brittle,…

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    Head to Toe Moisture

    One of the things that always used to concern me was keeping moisturised. I get very dry skin, especially in winter , so I thought I’d give you all an idea as to what my daily routine is. The most care I spend is on my face and neck. At the moment I am using a Tea Tree Skin Clearing…

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    Illustrated People

    So I think I have found my new favourite brand of the moment! I always have a peek in the Topshop concessions stands to see if there’s anything that catches my eye, and a brand called Illustrated People stood out to me. They have a lovely collection of jumpers and tops but the one that caught my eye was one…

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    Review: Glossy Box – January 2012

    So I received my first Glossy Box this month! For those who aren’t too sure what it is, you subscribe to a service that sends you  5 miniature products to you in a lovely box each month. They all tend to be higher end products and you can see what’s been sent to others in the previous months on the…

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    Review: Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask

    I’ve always loved hair masks but this has to be one of nicest that I’ve used! It was given to me by my friend Becca in a box that she put together from Lush. Hearing so many good things about it I couldn’t wait to try it! My hair gets ridiculously dry, especially in winter and it’s been back and…

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    Review: Chanel Lumière Aqua Foundation

    I rarely tend to wear foundation, but as it’s been Winter, I have been to brighten up and even out my skin tone. I usually just stick with my high street L’Oreal Falliable Foundation but as I’d ran out, I decided I wanted to try a new, more ‘up-market’ foundation. After reading several reviews on the recently discontinued Chanel Pro…

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