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    • 5 Night-Time Habits to Help You Sleep Better

      5 Night-Time Habits to Help You Sleep Better
    • Getting Your Zzzs with The Leesa Mattress

      Getting Your Zzzs with The Leesa Mattress
    • How to Save Money for Christmas More Efficiently

      How to Save Money for Christmas More Efficiently
    • Five Favourite Series to Watch Right Now

      Five Favourite Series to Watch Right Now


    Something I’ve always loved to do is go to the beach. It’s one of the places in the UK that reminds you of going on holiday as a child. There’s not always a blue sky and it can be windy and cold but the fresh, sea air is one of my favourite smells. Seafood and ice cream is also a…

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    7 Cultural Representative Program Highlights

    If you’ve taken part in a Disney program, you’ll have so many amazing memories. There will always be ones that stand out when you look back on your time. I’ve managed to narrow mine down to these seven Cultural Representative Program highlights that will forever bring a smile to my face. Christmas – Christmas was one of my favourite times…

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    The Perfect Lazy Sunday

    The perfect lazy Sunday for me has to be a day of indulgence and pampering. There won’t be an alarm to wake me up but I’ll get up earlyish naturally anyway. Sundays are nothing days. They are the day you relax before heading back to work. Coffee. I’ll always start my day with coffee. If I’m up and dressed fairly…

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    NARSissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty related post but I’ve got a few nice bits recently. You may remember me posting about wanting to get the Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette last month here. I was lucky enough to get it from everyone at work for my birthday. I’ve been using it pretty much every day and…

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    A Park in a Day: Hollywood Studios

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Hollywood Studios; it’s home to some of my favourite rides and attractions and was the first place I ever worked in Walt Disney World. There are a lot of renovations going on right now for some awesome Star Wars and Toy Story expansions. Some say that you can do it in about half…

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    My Day-To-Day Eating Habits

    I’ve trying my hardest to really take an account of what I’ve been eating recently. I do really well for days and then the weekend comes and I’m not that as good. On the most part though, I tend to only have two cheat meals at the weekend. I’m generally good in work unless there’s birthday cake – apart from…

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    10 Apps That I Can’t Live Without

    Everyone has apps that they can’t live without, whether they’re for blogging, doing your job or travelling. There are ones you use every day and love for various different reasons. I’ve recently upgraded my phone and can do so much more on the go than I could before which is amazing. I’ve got enough memory to have everything I need…

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    A Park in a Day: Animal Kingdom

    As it was Earth Day on Saturday, so I thought that it was only appropriate for the next in my series to be a park in a day: Animal Kingdom. If I’m being completely honest, before working in Walt Disney World, this was my least favourite park. Since being there for so long, it became possibly one of my favourites.…

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    Bullet Journal: My Current Set Up

    I’ve been using my new Bullet Journal since Christmas and after such a successful post on my old setup, I wanted to show you how I use it now. Currently, I’m using the Leuchtturm Medium Notebook in the colour Anthracite, or as I call it, grey. I got it for Christmas, along with some new writing pens and brush pens.…

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    A Park in a Day; Epcot

    Epcot (or rather Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) as you all know, holds a really special place in my heart. I called it home for over a year and I’d like to think that I know it like the back of my hand. There really is no way, like Magic Kingdom, that you could do this in a day but…

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    Why You Should Travel In Your Twenties

    I think most people get the urge to go on adventures, especially when life becomes complacent and a bit boring. You should always follow those dreams and travel in your twenties. It’s not selfish, it’s impulsive and can be life changing. You probably have little-to-no responsibilities yet so why shouldn’t you? Whether it’s a cheap weekend away or a three-month…

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    Make Up I’m Missing Out On

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of make up, but my collection is predominantly eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks. I pretty much buy a new foundation when I run out, the same goes for blushers, highlighters and brushes. There are a couple of things I’ve been lusting after recently after seeing them on other blogs and Instagram. NARSissist Unfiltered…

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    A Park In A Day; Magic Kingdom

    Two of my best friends, Stu and Anna are heading to Disney World for the first time next month. They’re only going for four days so have asked me what they should see and what they should skip. As I had written up my suggestion for them, I decided to expand a little and turn it into a blog series.…

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    6 Favourite Lipsticks

    Bold and bright lipsticks have definitely been very me for over a year now. I always used to buy eyeshadows and experiment with them but now I definitely have more of an obsession with adding colour to my lips. I’ve managed to build one of my drawers up with what I’d like to call quite an impressive selection but I’ve…

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    A Scottish Lass Comes To Town

    One of the best things about living and working in Orlando are the reunions with Disney friends. You have an incredibly special bond with them and there’s really no way of explaining it. Everyone becomes very close, very quickly and they are generally friends for life. At the weekend I had a visit from Rhona who is one of my…

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