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    • 5 Night-Time Habits to Help You Sleep Better

      5 Night-Time Habits to Help You Sleep Better
    • Getting Your Zzzs with The Leesa Mattress

      Getting Your Zzzs with The Leesa Mattress
    • How to Save Money for Christmas More Efficiently

      How to Save Money for Christmas More Efficiently
    • Five Favourite Series to Watch Right Now

      Five Favourite Series to Watch Right Now

    Reasons I Will Always Love Disney

    If you haven’t guessed yet, I kinda really adore Disney. I grew up watching classics, I’ve been on holiday several times to Disney World and I was given the incredible opportunity to call Florida home. Friends have always taken the mick (no pun intended) with my obsession there are reasons I will always love Disney. Not just the place, but…

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    Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to University

    Overall, I really loved university life. I went to Manchester Metropolitan, studied Social History and managed to get a 2:1. I fell in love with the city and stayed there for a few years after. That being said I have a couple of regrets and there are things I wish knew before going to university. If I could do it…

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    April Goals

    It’s finally April, one of my favourite months because it’s my birthday! Sadly, I’m not going to be doing a road trip through Georgia and South Carolina this year but I do have a couple of plans underway. With a little rebrand, I’ve got a couple of new April goals for blogging that I’d really like to achieve. I’ve also…

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    Happy Mother’s Day

    I was invited to share a story about my mum and how she insprires me for Mother’s Day as part of a collaboration for “We Bloomin’ Love You Mum”. Several UK lifestyle and food bloggers have written their own accounts in a really beautiful eBook. I recommend the download thoroughly for some heartwarming stories. Throughout life, most of our mums…

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    Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

    As most people know, I get bored extremely quickly, especially when it comes to my hair. So, guess what? I now have pink hair and I adore it! After planning a trip home a few weeks in advanced, I managed to get an appointment with my cousin Donna. I’ve been thinking about playing with colour a bit more for a…

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    The Little Things That Make You Happy

    Sometimes, you need to remember to just take a step back and enjoy the little things that make you happy. Life can be a bit frustrating when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others or you don’t look at what you’ve achieved for yourself. Take notice of the things that always bring a smile to your face and always try to…

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    Step Into Spring

    Today is officially the first day of Spring! Happy Spring Equinox! Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is around longer and it’s finally getting a little warmer. With that in mind, it’s nice to have a little life refresh to step into spring. I love to have a big spring clean and a clear out. There’s something incredibly therapeutic…

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    5 Tips To Help Your Skin

    Over the years, I’ve been quite lucky with my skin. Generally, I look after it on a daily basis in order to keep it looking healthy and glowing. I get the odd hormonal breakout here and there but not much else in terms of adult acne. Sticking to a good routine is imperative to this so I thought I’d share…

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    5 Easy To Make Breakfasts At Work

    Most days, I’m in the gym for 6.30am so by the time I get into work, I’m super hungry. I always have a protein shake but I really need some proper brekkie in me. I’m generally healthy and try to avoid heavy carbs unless I’m working out in the evening. I wanted to share some the things I eat for…

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    Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes

    A few weekends ago I was finally lucky enough to see one of my best friends, Jen from Disney. I hadn’t seen her since she finished her program in February 2016 – although it felt like much longer! A three and a half hour drive to South Wales was completely and utterly worth it to see her. I actually took…

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    I’m Boycotting Disney

    Well, that got your attention didn’t it? Of course I’m not boycotting Disney, but there are people out there who are. “Why?” you ask? Because of the openly gay scene where LeFou declares his love for Gaston in the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  Get. Over. It. So here I am, ranting. I’m so mad at a blog…

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    49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

    So if you love Gilmore Girls as much as I do then you’ve probably watched all four of the new episodes that were released on Netflix on Friday. If you haven’t then warning; THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ‘WINTER’. Sat on the train, I got stuck into the first episode and got experienced some lovely buffering. Every time something would…

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    My Current Make-Up Favourites

    Everyone has make-up items that they use without fail everyday until we find something better. They are holy grail products that we can’t not turn to when it comes to making our face up. There are a few that will always be in my collection and others that I switch up every so often. These are my current make-up favourites…

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    MAC Rebel Lipstick

    I think I’m officially becoming the lipstick queen at work and channelling my inner Bake-Off Candice by wearing a different colour almost everyday. Well, another one has been added to the mix courtesy of the lovely Charlotte from A Fashion Oddity. Amazingly, I won a Twitter competition she ran for MAC Rebel which I have fallen in love with. It’s…

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    How To Budget In Your Twenties

    We all know that part of becoming an ‘adult’ is learning how to budget and keep afloat with finances. You don’t get taught how to budget in school so it’s pretty much trial and error through university and then hoping for the best once that’s done with. We all know that one person that blew all their student loan during…

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