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    • Moving in Together – 7 Handy Tips

      Moving in Together – 7 Handy Tips
    • My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics

      My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics
    • 7 Ways to Get Going & Stop Feeling Sluggish

      7 Ways to Get Going & Stop Feeling Sluggish
    • 101 in 1001

      101 in 1001

    49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

    So if you love Gilmore Girls as much as I do then you’ve probably watched all four of the new episodes that were released on Netflix on Friday. If you haven’t then warning; THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ‘WINTER’. Sat on the train, I got stuck into the first episode and got experienced some lovely buffering. Every time something would…

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    My Current Make-Up Favourites

    Everyone has make-up items that they use without fail everyday until we find something better. They are holy grail products that we can’t not turn to when it comes to making our face up. There are a few that will always be in my collection and others that I switch up every so often. These are my current make-up favourites…

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    MAC Rebel Lipstick

    I think I’m officially becoming the lipstick queen at work and channelling my inner Bake-Off Candice by wearing a different colour almost everyday. Well, another one has been added to the mix courtesy of the lovely Charlotte from A Fashion Oddity. Amazingly, I won a Twitter competition she ran for MAC Rebel which I have fallen in love with. It’s…

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    How To Budget In Your Twenties

    We all know that part of becoming an ‘adult’ is learning how to budget and keep afloat with finances. You don’t get taught how to budget in school so it’s pretty much trial and error through university and then hoping for the best once that’s done with. We all know that one person that blew all their student loan during…

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    Preparing For A Lifestyle Change

    You may have read here that I used to take part in something called LDN Muscle. I’ve missed doing it whilst being away and now that I’m settled, I’ve really wanted to get back into it. I started version two on Monday 7th as this is what I used to do with my previous housemate. She kindly sent me then…

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    What I Learned From Blogtober

    So I think I made a solid effort at Blogtober! I didn’t make it blogging every day, I knew I wouldn’t; I have a full-time job and I’m not always the best at doing things weeks in advance. However, I’ve blogged more than ever before and for the most part, I’ve really enjoyed it. I thought I’d share what I’ve…

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    Rose-Gold Balayage: New Hair!

    You may remember me having a bit of a dilemma a while back about how I should get my hair done? Well I finally took the plunge and got a rose gold balayage! And I’m completely in love with it! I feel so much more ‘me’; I’ve had it very normal and natural colours for so long and just wanted…

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    Hello November

    Hello November! Well, it was quite a month! I took part in Blogtober as much as I physically could, I started my new job, moved into a house share in Chester, moved all of my stuff back to the North West and even got to deal with a delightful bit of food poisoning at the end of October. I’m glad…

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    Birth Control Experience

    I’ve noticed quite a lot of birth control related posts floating around recently and really enjoy reading them! It’s great to find out that we’re not the only ones going through the motions with different types of birth control. It can sometimes be difficult to get an honest opinion out of a doctor or nurse because they want to get…

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    National Pumpkin Day: Perfect Pumpkin Loaf

    If you didn’t know, today is National Pumpkin Day! I know pumpkin is so much more common in the USA but I love it! It’s so autumnal and I love cooking with it when it gets colder. I think we’re a bit restricted to the different types available here but I’ll always work with what we have. Last year, I…

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    Disney Movie Reruns

    Time for another Disney related post! I don’t actually watch films very often, I’m more of a series kind of girl but recently, I’ve realised there are a lot of classics that either I haven’t seen for a while or have never seen at all. So I’ve decided to do a Disney movie rerun of all the Walt Disney Animations…

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    FOMO: What To Do When You Feel The Fear of Missing Out

    A phrase that I hear more and more often now is the ‘fear of missing out’ or FOMO as it’s more commonly known. With so many different social media platforms available to us, it can be difficult to not get jealous when you see people doing different things with their lives. You need to remember all the positives of your…

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    Meatless Autumn Salad

    It’s been a while since I wrote a recipe blog post, but with the nights drawing in, there’s nothing like some home-cooked grub. Something I’ve always loved is a fresh salad with some roasted ingredients thrown in. With the weather getting colder, this is the perfect meatless autumn salad. Now don’t get me wrong, I love meat, but this is…

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    Starting Your Own Blog

    This is one of those subjects that when I see on my Bloglovin feed, I always click on to and read. I love learning more from other bloggers and I’m constantly trying to improve so they are a great way to discover blog ideas and help. There are so many things I wish I had thought more about in the…

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    NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder

    I definitely seem to be raving about NYX a lot recently! They just have so many bits that have become part of my daily routine. I’ve started using foundation again recently – boo, my Florida tan has significantly lightened! This time, I opted for something slightly less dewy than usual and wanted a finishing powder to help it last through…

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