5 Tips To Help Your Skin

5 Tips To Help Your Skin

Over the years, I’ve been quite lucky with my skin. Generally, I look after it on a daily basis in order to keep it looking healthy and glowing. I get the odd hormonal breakout here and there but not much else in terms of adult acne. Sticking to a good routine is imperative to this so I thought I’d share my 5 tips to help your skin. Everyone is different when it comes to their skin but I just wanted to share my daily and weekly routines.

  1. Drink lots of water! In the last year or so, I’ve actually been pretty good with staying hydrated. I tend to drink between 1 and 2 litres per day, more if I’ve been working out. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body, gives you a great glow and helps to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.
  2. Use a decent exfoliator. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one but find one that works well for you to get rid of any dry skin. I tend to use either Dermalogicas Daily Microfoliant if I’m feeling flash or use Boot’s Microdermabrasion Exfoliator. These are key for me to keep blackheads at bay and to help my skin look brighter.
  3. Moisturise well. There’s no point scrubbing away any dry skin if you’re not going to help put moisture back into your skin afterwards. It can take several tries at finding the right one for you. I find that some make me break out on my forehead if they’re too oily. I use a night cream over a day one as I find my make-up sits better. As a 25-year-old, I’m also more conscious of preventing any lines and wrinkles before it’s too late…
  4. Treat your skin once a week. I like to pamper my skin at the weekend to help set me up for the rest of the week. I vary face masks but tend to go for a mud one or something from Lush. This has become a staple part of my routine that I can switch often depending on any skin ailments I have.
  5. Get a good spot treatment for any unruly blemishes. I don’t often get spots, but when I do, they tend to look as though I have some kind of disease! Two things I find that work for me are Skinetica and Neal’s Yard Remedies Spot treatment. I pop them on after cleansing and then if I have time, first thing in the morning. These took me a while to find but now the are my holy grail treatments.

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The key thing that I’ve found to help my skin looking fresh in all honesty the amount of water I drink. I never used to drink a lot when I was younger and would often get spots, have blotchy red areas and really dry skin around my nose. It’s best to find a routine and products that work for you but this can take time. Everyone’s skin is different, you just have to take the time to find what’s right for you.