Review: Jo Malone Vitamin E Collection

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get some of the Jo Malone Vitamin E Collection from Chris. I’ve never really looked into the skincare range but I have to say, I am really impressed. It is fairly pricey but is definitely worth it. It’s a lovely treat for your skin and feels beautifully indulgent and luxury as the candles and bath oils do.

The three products that I’ve been trying out are the Moisturising Day Cream SPF 15, the Lip Conditioner and the Hand Treatment. I’ve used Vitamin E creams and balms before but none have worked quite as well as these. The collection claims to aid in restoring the skin and also protect it using anti-oxidents. The face cream contains an SPF too so adds protection against UV damage, which will come in handy in Florida!

Moisturising Day Cream

Jo Malone Vitamin E Moisturising Day Cream

This cream is so beautiful, it feels luxurious but without being too rich. It soaks into the skin ever so nicely and creates a nice, non-greasy base for make-up. I’ve been putting on extra at night and it has helped to clear up the occasional blemish that I get quickly and without scarring. I get a fairly dry forehead and since using it I haven’t seen any flakes which is brilliant. Jo Malone also states that it helps with lines and wrinkles in the information on the site but I can’t really state an opinion on that as I don’t have any. The real test will be when I’m in Florida to see if its got enough protection against the American sun. It has a fairly hefty price tag at £50 for 50ml but definitely a luxury that actually works and would make a lovely treat for someone who likes their skincare.

Lip Conditioner

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner

Another wonderful product from the range. The formula itself is fairly transparent which feels really nice on the lips. It’s not too greasy but you can still feel that you have a product on that is doing its job. You can’t really see it too much either which I prefer, I hate it when my lips look gloopy or shiny from balms. I get really chapped lips, especially when I’m working from the air conditioner or when I’m running in the breeze as I have a bad habit of trying to keep my lips moisturised by licking them (its not a good idea but I don’t listen to my own advice!) It’s £22 for 15ml so again, another treat for yourself but really lovely to use and helps keeps dry and chapped lips moisturised.

Hand Treatment

Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Treatment

Now, I have tried a hell of a lot of hand creams because I get ridiculously dry cuticles which my mum always tells me off for! This hand cream is particularly effective at solving this issue. I often find that some creams are good at moisturising palms and the back of hands but rarely around my fingernails. It’s really light but very nourishing and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth without feeling greasy. It’s quite a large bottle so I don’t tend to carry it in my handbag as I prefer travel sized ones for on the go. I keep it on my dresser and have been using it in the mornings and then using slightly more at night to help with the treatment. In comparison to the other products, this is much more reasonably priced at £38 for 100ml and works really well.

If you want to have a look at the rest of the collection for yourself you can find it here. As Jo Malone states, its a “Touch of indulgence, signature skin care.” It is truly luxurious and definitely a treat either for yourself or would make a great present for someone.

Have you tried anything else from the skincare range? Did you think it was worth the high end price tag?