Review: The Body Shop Lemon Body Whip

Review: The Body Shop Lemon Body Whip

For my birthday, Leah bought me a little goody bag as she knows I like to try new things out and then blog about them. One of the items was this Body Shop Lemon Body Whip and I’ve been using it after pretty much every shower. Moisturiser is always something I try to use but rarely ever do because I’m normally in a rush and don’t want to feel sticky as I’m getting dressed so the fact I’ve got through over half already says a lot!!

The Body Whip comes in a bottle with a dispenser at the top. I actually love the packaging because it means I don’t have to faff around with lids and screw tops when my hands are covered in moisturiser. I just pop a few squirts in my hand and slather it on my arms, legs and torso.

The moisturiser itself is really light and it absorbs really well. I always start with my legs as I like to put more on as they can get really dry. By the time I’ve finished my arms and torso, everything is pretty much soaked in and I can get dressed straight away. The scent is so nice too! It’s quite a strong lemon smell when it first comes out the bottle but remains very subtle on your skin.

I’m already over half way through my bottle so I’m going to have to repurchase it as it’s been so easy to use. Do any of you have any scent recommendations?