Review: Original Source

Review: Original Source

Original Source

Body wash is a fairly new subject for me to post about but I have rekindled my love for the Original Source body wash range! I remember using it in the shower when I was younger but never really liked the mint or lemon ones (which I now do!). I went shopping in Asda a few weeks ago and saw them on offer for a pound each so I thought I’d try some of the new scents. The ones I picked were Vanilla and Raspberry and Coconut.

The smell of these are incredible! The Vanilla and Raspberry reminds me of a cupcake, it’s not too sickly though, just very sweet smelling. I absolutely adore coconut so already knew that I would love that one, I picked up Leah’s obsession whilst living with her in Disney for the summer! They both lather really well and one bottle has lasted me about three weeks so they are incredibly cost effective even at full price.

I really want to try some more scents and think I might try out the Cranberry and Honey Scrub and the Shea Butter and Honey Body Wash. What are your favourite Original Source products to use?