Brows by Laura

Brows by Laura

Since university (2010), I’ve always made my brows a priority. Gone are the days where you can leave them bare naked, untamed and unshaped. Never mind when the trend was to have thin lines above your eyes drawn on with a Collection 2000 pencil. I’ve loved using my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and still swear by it but I don’t use it daily any more. That is since I’ve started going to miracle worker that is Brows by Laura. Previously, my mum has been my brow specialist but I don’t go home often enough now to get them done.

I first came across Laura on Instagram when I moved to Wrexham. Getting someone close by that was talented was a must for me. I was lucky to get an appointment as I think she briefly stopped taking new clients a few weeks after. She initially set up in a room at her house but now has a gorgeous room in a salon. It’s a gorgeous barn/garage conversion and such an amazing atmosphere.

Brows by Laura

Before my first appointment, Laura sent me over her brow guide. It gave advice on how to look after brows and which shapes I could go for. If you’re interested in seeing it, drop her a message on social and she’ll email you one. She recommends using coconut oil each night brushed in with a spoolie in the direction of the hairs growth. I did this for a few weeks before going to try and put them in the perfect condition.

My brows have always been tinted because they are naturally blonde and fair. You can see in the before pictures how light they are as you can barely see them. I like having an arch so she showed me how to use the spoolie to encourage a specific shape. I’m now three appointments in and a shade darker and I am so in love with by brow shape!

Brows by Laura 4
Results from Third Treatment

Brows by Laura is now based in Tantastic in Rhosymedre, just outside of Wrexham in North Wales. If you book in, be sure to do it in advance as she’s popular and gets busy! During the appointment, she’ll start off by tinting your brows to the colour you want. If you haven’t been to her before, a patch test is required beforehand, as with any good beauty place. The treatment itself is really quick, which is great if you don’t have a good threshold to pain. She only waxes, there’s no threading involved.

The results speak for themselves to be completely honest! I never realised you could get such clean cut brows from waxing which is why I’ve usually preferred threading. She often gets messages from people thinking that she’s micro-blading which is incredible. Her current prices are £12.50 and she requires a £5 deposit upon booking an appointment to secure.

I barely have any need for brow products now but still swear by Benefit’s 24 Hours Brow Setter to keep them behaving all day. Towards needing a refresh or if I’m going out and want my brows bolder, I’ll still use my Dipbrow Pomade for a thicker look. Generally, I no longer have the need to darken and fill in my brows because they have become so much thicker with a routine. I go to Brows by Laura every four weeks so that I can keep the tint topped up because I get them so dark.

If you’d like to see more of her work check out Brows by Laura’s Instagram and Facebook.

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