Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

As most people know, I get bored extremely quickly, especially when it comes to my hair. So, guess what? I now have pink hair and I adore it! After planning a trip home a few… View Post

Rose-Gold Balayage: New Hair!

You may remember me having a bit of a dilemma a while back about how I should get my hair done? Well I finally took the plunge and got a rose gold balayage! And I’m… View Post

New Hair, What Should I Do?!

I’m so incredibly bored with my hair right now. I haven’t dyed it in well over two years, which is an extremely long amount of time for me. Changing the colour of my hair from… View Post

Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco

Something that has been an active part of my beauty routine for about three years now is the Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco. I first came across it whilst battling with the humidity in… View Post

Fern Spa and Beauty Therapies, Boston

As you guys probably know, my mum has trained to be a beauty therapist and has had the garage at home converted into a salon. Well the other weekend, Fern Spa and Beauty Therapies, Boston,… View Post