Review: John Frieda Frizz-Ease *

I used to always use John Frieda Frizz-Ease when I was younger but never really rated it that much. I’ve since realised that when products say they fight frizz, this does not necessarily mean that my fluffy hair will be tamed, just smoothed. I’ve learnt how to control this now so when given the opportunity to try the Frizz-Ease range, I immediately said yes.

I’ve been using it for about a week or so now and like it a lot more than I did previously. I’ve been using the Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner, the Original Formula Hair Serum and the Heat Protectant Styling Spray. I never find that my hair is ever completely sleek and smooth with just shampoo and conditioner alone, I always have to use a serum of some description on the ends. The shampoo and conditioner did leave my hair nice and soft though and I’ve been using the serum on wet hair and on dry to see which works best.

john frieda frizz-ease

The picture above is just after I’ve blow dried it which is why it’s so fluffy! I always like to use serum after I’ve curled my hair as well as it just neatens off the ends, especially as I’m due a haircut. Without styling, the Frizz-Ease products have stopped any frizz, apart from at the ends where I have a bit of damage. My only criticism is that I prefer fruity smelling hair products like the Aussie or Tigi ranges and the John Frieda range smells like a fairly generic hair product.

john frieda frizz-ease

After drying, I used the Heat Protectant Styling Spray to curl my hair with the straighteners and finished the look off by putting some serum on the ends. I love the look that the products have helped me to create, the serum works really well to smooth any remaining frizz. I found that the spray made it easier to curl my hair but was disappointed that they dropped after about 4 hours when not using any hair spray.

Overall, they are good products to help with styling and solving frizz problems when combined. I prefer fruitier scented products that you can smell on your hair after it’s dried but I’ve still enjoyed using them. If you would like to see the rest of the range check out the John Frieda site.