New Hair; Balayage

I used to dye my hair all the time and have often went to and from being blonde and brunette. I decided to stop dying my hair last time and since have gone around a year and a half without any chemicals on my hair. I’ve always thought of getting a dip dye or ombré as it takes little effort to maintain as there are roots from the beginning. After looking at a few different celebrities and the techniques that they supposedly have done to their hair, I spoke to my cousin Donna about having my hair dyed using a method called balayage and booked in to get it done when I was going home

balayage hairbalayage hair

The technique is similar to the ombre technique except that it is not done on all of the hair. Back-brushing sections of the hair and selecting hair as though highlighting. Bleach is then brushed on the ends and because of the back-combing, it doesn’t all stop in the same place. There’s more blonde underneath than on top so it gets blended in as the sections get closer towards my roots. The finished effect is that my natural hair gradually lights towards the ends and gives a more natural finish than the ombre technique does.

balayage hair

Have you ever had a similar technique done?