Review: VO5 Hot Oil

Review: VO5 Hot Oil

I’ve recently been trying to get my hair care back on track in an attempt to keep it as healthy as possible. I’ve stopped dying it and barely ever straighten it nowadays. I have been using a couple of things in order to keep it smooth and keep split ends at bay and one of the best (and cheapest) products I have been using is this VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixer. I saw it when I was in Boots and remembered using it a few years ago when I was in school so decided to give it another try.

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The formula itself is yellow and has a similar consistency to oil but doesn’t feel greasy. There are little, white triangle indicators on the side of the bottle so that you know how much to use in each application. It works by applying it onto wet hair before shampooing and leaving it on for around a minute. It locks in moisture and helps to protect against UV rays and gives hair more strength. I use it once a week or so just to keep my hair looking healthy. For me, it reduces the amount of frizz and smooths my hair out leaving it looking silky and smooth.

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For a 75ml bottle you can get it from Boots for £4.29. You can get around 6-8 applications out of each bottle depending on the length of your hair. It has become essential in my hair care routine in order to keep my hair looking nice and healthy. You can also get mini individual use bottles if you just wanted to try it out before buying the full size.