My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics

My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics

With everything in the beauty industry, the looks you can create with make-up can be incredible. I’ve always loved makeup, creating my own looks and trying the latest trends out. Something that has become more popular on blogs and the world of Instagram is the more semi-permanent beauty treatments. My cupid’s bow as it is virtually non-existent and I always draw it in for lipstick. I started looking into various types of fillers that give a natural effect and contacted Ashley at Elegance Aesthetics. After a couple of conversations and a bit of research, I decided to go for 0.5ml of filler to get the effect I wanted. I’ve seen and read a lot of lip filler experiences but not many for that syringe size so wanted to share mine.

First of all, Ashley was so friendly and chatty and she answered all of my questions and concerns. I asked about the types of filler she used, whether there had been any reactions and generally just helped to calm any nerves. After doing some more research, I decided to go ahead and booked in for the beginning of January. I went on a Friday afternoon so that if I experienced any swelling, it would have gone down by the time I went to work on Monday. I also bruise really easily so decided to take arnica tablets for a few days before going.

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Elegance Aesthetics is based in the West Derby Village near Liverpool so is about a 45-minute drive from Chester for me. It was easy to find and is situated next to Croxteth Hall and Country Park even though I was unfamiliar with the area. It’s in a stunning building which is home to a hairdressers called Hair by Olga also. Being in such an old and beautiful building, gave the experience a really luxurious feel. Especially when you can see the gardens and estates from the window. I’ve taken a few pictures but, being January, it looks a bit grey and dull and doesn’t really do it justice.

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Lip Filler Experience and Process

Once I arrived, I had to spend about 20 minutes with numbing cream all over my lips. Ashley talked me through the process while it was on and I felt at ease. She explained what happens during and after. The filler I had was called Amalian and is a soft dermal filler with hyaluronic acid. The effects should last between 9 and 12 months. I only opted for 0.5ml as I wanted more shape rather than volume. After all, it’s better to do a little and build if necessary.

I explained that I often over-line my lips and feel that my cupid’s bow is next to none existent. Ashley said she would use most of the filler on my top lip and then just a little for the bottom to even them out. She used a cannula technique for the filler as it produces less swelling and bruising. This treatment uses a blunter needle rather than a pointed one. The reason is that the tool is less likely to piercing any tissue or skin and is more controlled. I think there were four points where the filler went into my top lip and three in the bottom. The whole lip filler experience was bizarre. I wouldn’t say it was painful at all, just surreal and a little uncomfortable.

Before & After

My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics 4

I was advised that there may be some swelling a day or two afterwards but bruising should be minimal as cannula techniques are less intrusive. The numbing cream wore off after an hour or so completely and my lips just felt a little strange to begin with. I didn’t find I had any issues. I had a small bruise on my upper lip but that was only really visible for 24 hours.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water so Ashley advised that if I ever feel like they don’t look as plump, drink some water. The molecules attract water and hydrate the surrounding tissue so can change. The benefit of this type of filler is that it isn’t permanent. It will need to be redone at some point. If you’re thinking about getting lip enhancements, I’d recommend this. It can be increased for a fuller effect or dissolved if the result isn’t as expected.

After a day or so, I tried some lipstick on for the first time and loved the results! Swelling had completely settled for me after about 6 days it seemed. The end result was really naturally and exactly what I wanted. I can’t thank Ashley enough, I’m so pleased with the results!

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My Lip Filler Experience at Elegance Aesthetics 6

By sharing my experience, I am in no way trying to say “you should get fillers”. If you are looking, I would just like to be a resource for those looking for a first-time lip filler experience with 0.5ml.

Find Ashley on Instagram and see her site.


This post was in collaboration with Elegance Aesthetics and treatments were discounted.