Airbase High Pigment Eyeshadow

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The Airbase High Pigment Eyeshadow Palette in Pearl is something I picked up back in October time at Pro Beauty North but never got round to talking about. I had read and seen quite a bit about Airbase and had always been intrigued by the idea of spraying on foundation, although not enough to buy the entire kit! As you probably know, I love my eyeshadows and am a sucker for a palette, especially when it was supposed to be £32.50 and I got it for £20, bargain. I must admit, I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would, partially because I’m still in love with my Naked 3 palette and can’t bare leaving it for one day yet!

Airbase High Pigment Eyeshadow Pearl

As you can see, the Airbase Pearl Eyeshadow Palette contains 40 colours in the set which all have a shimmery pigment through them. They range from bronzes and browns to bright pinks and blues so you can create hundreds of different looks with just this palette by itself.

I’ve actually been quite impressed with the staying power of these shadows. I tend to always use a primer but they don’t budge all day and they stay just as bright as when I put them on first thing in the morning. I don’t like the texture quite as much as my Naked palettes but they are really nice and easy to use and blend.

The only negative thing that I have to say about this product is the smell; it smells horrible and reminds me of cheap make-up you used to get as a child, free with a magazine. Not nice. I’m not sure if the rest of the range is like this or just the eyeshadow? It contains a few nasties too like polybutene so if you have sensitive skin, I’d probably avoid using it but I haven’t had any side affects to it so still loving it lots!

Have you ever used any of the Airbase products before? What did you think?