Millennium Nails Y Lashes

Millennium Nails Y Lashes

One of the aims I had when I went to Professional Beauty North the other weekend was to buy some fake lashes. I’ve never been able to put strip lashes on but used to wear individual ones every so often. I came across these Millennium Nails Y Lashes on one of the salon supplies stalls. I like them because you can buy packs of short, medium or long lashes unlike others you get where it’s a mixture. I also finally found some black glue! I hate putting lashes on because I always use a little too much and end up with white blobs.

I find long individual lashes far too much and (when I actually wear lashes) always put medium ones on the edges and shorter ones towards the corners of my eyes. I like them to look thicker and have a bit more volume but not look too fake.

I applied my eye make-up first, but without mascara, and placed them on with a little bit of glue and some tweezers cluster-by-cluster. They went on much more easily than I expected; I waited a few seconds between putting the glue on and placing them on the lash line just so that it went a little tacky. Once I had put them all back into position, I went over them with a very thin line of black liquid liner to fill in any gaps there were and finished them off with a coat of mascara to blend in the Y Lashes with my natural lashes.

Millenium Nails Y Lashes

I’m so impressed with them! They look so professional and are super easy to put on. I can’t recommend the Millennium Nails Y Lashes enough. They lasted a night out and even tested them overnight for the purpose of this blog – I’m lying, I forgot about them and slept in them. Classy. But they were still all in place the next morning and hadn’t budged but were easily removed with some Micellar Water.

I managed to get a pack of short lashes, medium lashes and the glue for around £7.50 as they were show prices but after looking online, they’re not badly priced; you can get each for £4.99. What are your tips for putting on eyelashes?