My Most Worn Summer Things

I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Louise so here you guys are. I’m not too sure quite how summery all of these things are, but they are the items I am wearing the most at the moment.


Maybelline BB Cream I mentioned this in my first and only YouTube video. I’ve tried a couple of BB creams but not really been a fan apart from this one. It gives pretty good coverage and gives you that effortless ‘I look like this when I wake up’ look. It’s quite light too so I have been reaching for this over my foundation on warmer days.

Revlon’s Fabulash Mascara I absolutely love this! I’m going to write up a proper review of it soon but I think it gives beautiful results and is really versatile because it looks great with one coat for a daytime look or put a couple more on for even more volume.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette I’ve done a full review on this palette here if you’d like to read my full opinion. I love the colours in this, there are 12 altogether and they are lovely earthy colours with shimmer.

Skin and Haircare

Lee Stafford Lightening Spray I saw this in Boots when I went for a bit of a mooch around the Trafford Centre. I get so bored with my hair easily and the last time I dyed it, I went a little too dark. I don’t want to strip it as I’m not too sure how it will end up as I used to have blonde, highlighted hair. I’ve just been spraying this on every couple of days to try and lighten it a bit but I’ll write up a post on it soon.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser I forgot I had this for a while and have fallen back in love with it. It has a gorgeous scent and I find it the best at keeping my skin nice and hydrated whilst being fairly light at the same time.


Topshop Leigh Trousers in Pink I got these at the start of summer and wear them all the time! They’re nice and bright and perfect for those not so warm summer days. They’re really thin but super tight skinny jean and I’ve got my eye on a couple of other colours, especially for when I go back to university in September.

Primark Sandals I have lived in these quite a bit recently. I think they were around a fiver and really comfortable, especially for cheapy shoes! They go nicely with most outfits, whether I’m wearing leggings, jeans or shorts. They can just be thrown in my bag for after work too which is handy.

Topshop Denim Jacket I think the majority of people have a denim jacket that always comes out in the summer! It’s nice and light and cropped to just below the waist so it goes with most outfits once again.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Not particularly a seasonal item but I got this for my 21st back in April and wear it most days. It’s a beautiful rose gold so stands out without being too attention grabbing and looks nice a summery.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, if you’ve done a similar video/post, leave it in the link below and I’ll take a look.