Jane Iredale Base Routine

Jane Iredale Base Routine

A few weeks ago, I took part in the Jane Iredale training course and mentioned that I’d purchased some of the face products. I was so impressed that I bought the Balance Hydration Spray, Smooth Affair Primer and the Glow Time BB Cream in number 5. I can honestly say, I have been completely wowed by the products so far and have loved every minute of using them. The BB cream gives an amazing full coverage and hides any imperfections. This is the Jane Iredale base that I use for my make-up.

Jane Iredale Base Skincare

To start with, I put a few spritz of the Balance Hydration Spray all over my face in order to give my skin a bit of extra moisture. It smells faintly of oranges and is for normal to oily or acne prone skin as it helps to control pH levels. Once this has dried, which doesn’t take long, I put on a small amount of the Smooth Affair Primer to keep in the moisture and give a good base for the foundation.

Jane Iredale BB Cream

Putting a pea sized amount of the Glow Time BB Cream on the back of my hand, I use a concealer brush to dab on to any red areas or blemishes for a little bit of extra coverage. I then use a foundation brush to apply it to the rest of my face. I’ve never known a BB Cream to give medium to full coverage. It minimises the look of any uneven skin tones and you only need the smallest amount. You can see from the photos below how good the coverage is with just a small amount.

jane iredale basejane iredale basejane iredale base

The Ingredients

The Glow Time BB Cream is a three in one product that contains concealer, foundation and an SPF. It’s natural, mineral ingredients, like all Jane Iredale products, means that it’s fine to use after beauty treatments. The vitamins and minerals which can be found in the products can help to cover skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, whilst working to treat them. For me, this was a massive selling point as I’ve had quite a few breakouts on my forehead. Since using all three products combined, my spots have started to clear up and my skin is looking a lot clearer.

It lasts all day too but I occasionally go over small areas if I’ve been running around like a headless chicken. As long as I finish with a quick spritz of the Balance Hydration Spray in the morning, it tends to stay put. I must admit, it took me a few days to get used to the amount of BB Cream that was needed, if you use a little too much it doesn’t sink into the skin very well and can look a little oily. After a few applications, it now gives a completely natural finish and looks very natural.

jane iredale base

The Balance Spray is £17, Smooth Affair is £35 and the Glow Time BB Cream is £39.95. The Jane Iredale base products are quite expensive, but no more than a high-end brand that you can find in Selfridges, Boots, etc. The price definitely reflects the quality of the formulas though. Especially when they work so well and have helped to clear up my skin.

Do any of you have any experience with the Jane Iredale Base ranges? What have you used and what did you think?