Review: May Glossybox

May Birthday Glossybox

This shall be my last box for a while because of a couple of reasons: one, I’ll be in Florida for the next three boxes and two, they don’t surprise me every time any more. The products are nice to try but I often feel that there’s nothing too special about them. However, this months box marked the two year anniversary of Glossybox so there were a couple of extra mini gifts. As usual, I’ll give you my first impressions of each sample.

Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine Oil

I’m really not a fan of oil as a moisturiser but it is quite light and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. I also tried it on my hair and it does leave a nice silky feeling but I didn’t find it as nourishing as my normal serums. It has a light floral scent which doesn’t last very long, which for me, is good as I don’t generally use scented moisturisers unless it’s something I’m really fond of like cocoa butter or coconut. Nice, but not blown away.

My Trusty Little Sunflower Daily Moisturiser

My Trusty Little Sunflower Daily Moisturiser

I love the packaging on this cream! Its really cute and girly. The cream itself is fairly thick for a daily moisturiser and takes a while to sink into your skin and gives you that ‘not quite rubbed in suncream’ look. Although it claims to be unscented, I think it smells a little bit like play dough! Not quite the smell I want on my legs, even if it does a good job at hydrating my skin.

Headline Colours Nail Varnish

Headline Colours Nail Polish

I’m really not a fan of bright polishes, especially blue ones as they look a bit odd against my skin tone. It goes on nicely enough, two coats is pretty much all you need but I found that it chipped fairly easily after about two days, but that was without using a topcoat to see its longevity.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’eau

I really hate getting perfume samples in my Glossybox, I think its an easy option for them to just throw in. I know its a larger sample than what you would get in Boots but I could just pop in to smell it if I wanted to. It is light and fresh and more citrus than flowery. It’s one of the nicer perfumes I’ve received but still not really something that I’d want to go out and buy. I would like to smell the original though as often I have liked them more in the past.

Beautiful Movements Primer

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime and Create Mixing Medium

I think this has to be the best sample in this month’s box, even if it is a little on the small side at 2.5ml. Its a clear, gel-like liquid that feels really smooth and silky on your skin. If you’ve used the Benefit Porefessional, it feels a little bit like that. It creates a really nice base for foundation, whether you’re using liquid or powder. I would consider buying this, I just want to test it out for a little longer until I commit to £20 for 20g.

Glossybox nail files

Glossybox Extra Gifts

To mark the second anniversary of Glossybox, I was also sent a miniature bar of Green and Blacks chocolate (which unfortunately went ‘missing’. In my belly.) and a cute idea for some travel nail files. They were in a matchstick style packet so can be snapped out and then thrown away. Not the greatest grit and a little on the small size but good for on the go and I love the idea.