Wow Brows

Wow Brows

Whilst at the Olympia Beauty show, I was becoming fairly aware of how many exhibitors were there with semi-permanent eyebrow powders. After looking at a few different brands I came across Wow Brows. Unlike many of the others there, they didn’t use the awful stencils that so many force upon you in order to shape your brows. I decided to get my eyebrows threaded by a lovely girl named Kelsey. She also shaped my mum’s, who has always had hers waxed, and made them subtly more defined with some light powder as she has very fair, blonde hair.

Wow Brows 1

The company itself is based in Bristol but the products that they sell are also available online. The powder is water resistant so it can be worn all day without budging one bit, which is great when you live in Manchester like me where it constantly rains. The powders come in five different shades depending on the colour you wish to use or you can buy all five in a palette if you were looking to use them in your own salon. After speaking to Kelsey, they also offer training for threading which I have always been tempted to do!

Wow Brows 2

The service Kelsey gave us was brilliant, she did a wonderful job at making my mum feel at ease after having an awful experience at another semi-permanent brow station at Olympia. The results were subtle but very nicely done and gave her face more definition. As you probably know from previous posts, I tend to wear Sexspresso from my Too Faced palette on my brows but it needs touching up every so often throughout the day. I can now whole heartedly say that I don’t think I’ll ever go back to that. I have fallen in love with my powder. I bought the medium brown colour and it works wonders, not only at adding colour and definition but making my brows appear slightly thicker in areas where the hair can be sparse.

Wow Brows 3

I’m so impressed that I have decided that I shall give one of the shades of your choice for my first giveaway so keep an eye out in the forthcoming weeks. If anyone wants to take a look at the other bits they sell, click here.

Have any of you been to the salon before or come across the brand previously?