Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails

When I go home, I normally pester my mum to do my nails, what can I say, I’m putting my resources to good use! This time, I wanted to get something a little bit different; I always get fairly plain colours with maybe and accent colour on some of my nails. I had a little browse on Pinterest at Mickey Mouse inspired nails and I found some pretty much exactly like mine. They had the Mickey Mouse head on every nail but I only wanted it as an accent so it was slightly more subtle (only slightly!). My mum said they were pretty easy to do and she used CND Shellac to decorate them so that they would last longer as I have a habit of chipping or picking at nail polish!

CND Shellac Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails

For the base, she used a clear shellac with flecks of different coloured glitter through called Zillionaire, Wildfire for the red tips, Studio White for the dots and Blackpool for the little Mickey heads. I have fallen absolutely in love with them so I thought I would write a little post on them instead of just a picture on Instagram. I might try doing them myself at some point with normal nail polish to see if I can get a similar effect. The easy thing about Shellac is that you cure it under a UV light so it dries and hardens pretty much instantly unlike nail polish which can get messy as you build up layers.

Manicures and pedicures are just one of the treatments that my mum does, she’s also trained in massage, reflexology, waxing and Indian head massage along with some other things soon. She will be having an open day for Fern Spa and Beauty Therapies in a few months once all the building work and decorating has been completed. I’m looking to get a few bloggers in the Lincolnshire area to come along for the day and to write a post about the salon. If you would be interested in attending, please leave a comment below.

Week 7 of #100happydays
Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails