Nails Inc Optic Collection in Optic Wave

Nails Inc Optic Collection in Optic Wave

This wasn’t originally my first nail colour choice to show you my progress in getting my strong, healthy nails back. I was buying some toothpaste in Boots and was torn between the Colgate Max White One in Optic and another brand. However, it came with a free Nails Inc varnish in Optic Wave which is a stunning icy blue-green. I couldn’t resist and naturally chose the toothpaste with the freebie as most girls would.

From what I’ve seen online, you can pick up either a pink, blue or red Nails Inc varnish with the purchase of any Colgate Max White One toothpaste from Boots for £4.49 until the end of June (I think!). I managed to get my hands on the blue in Optic Wave from the Market Street store in Manchester. It’s been a while since I’ve used a Nails Inc polish and I absolutely adore the colour.

I always find the application of Nails Inc polishes a bit hit or miss; this seems to work really well with a thinner layer first off and then a fairly thick one topped off with my favourite quick drying topcoat Seche Vite. The colour it gives has a slight Tiffany hue but a little more blue. I don’t normally like this colour against my skin tone but this one seems to complement it nicely. It wasn’t too gloopy or thin and lasted about four days with a topcoat. Mine doesn’t prevent chips specifically, it’s for drying quickly so it could probably go for a lot longer with an anti-chip top coat.

Nails Inc Optic Wave

As for my nails challenge which you can read about here, I have been using oil almost twice a day without fail, have already buffed my nails and used a strengthener three times and I am trying my hardest to not irritate the skin around them. I’ve found that this has been slightly easier if I put cuticle oil on as soon as I start to fiddle with them which seems to be working. I need to get into more of a routine of putting hand cream on morning and night as I often forget so always carry some with me.

Have any of you managed to get your hands on any of the other Nails Inc Optic Collection colours? What do you think? I can’t resist buying things when they’re giving pretty freebies away too!