Nail Repair Challenge

Nail Repair Challenge

Just recently, I have had absolutely awful nails, as you can see in the picture below. They always split and peel, they can’t get passed a certain length and I’ve developed a nasty habit of biting the skin around them when I’m either bored or stressed. After having one bleed for quite a while, I decided enough is enough. I’m going to challenge myself to some TLC and nail repair and to get my beautiful, healthy looking nails back that I had last summer. I always see bloggers with beautiful nails and I’ve always been reluctant to put nail posts up because of their awful condition as of late. So here goes!

Nail Repair Challenge 1

One of the main things that causes split nails is a lack of moisture. I used to always use cuticle oil, morning and night and regularly slather on hand cream during the day. A strengthening base coat was always my first port of call too when putting a new colour on. I’m going to restart this once more and also keep my nails neat and tidy with a file, keep my cuticles at bay and keep them buffed once a week. I’m hoping that this will help get my long, strong nails back to the state they used to be in. I’ll keep you all updated in nail polish posts each week so that you can see how they are coming along.

The specific products that I’m going to be using are the CND Solar Oil, Garnier Intensive 7 Day Hand Moisturiser in the Soothing version, Sally Hansen Maximum Strength, a Creative Nail Design file, a Sephora Buffer and a ProCare Cuticle stick. I’m not going to allow myself to bite my nails or skin and hopefully I will see results soon.

I’m going to be doing weekly nail polish posts again so you can see how well I’m doing. Have you got any words of wisdom air must have products that have helped you at all? I can always add other bits into my new/old routine.