Review: Dior Nail Varnish

A little while ago, my friend that I work with gave me some Dior nail varnishes which I absolutely adore! The two colours I like the most are these two reds (number 999 and 842). They are both the same shade, the main difference being, one has glitter in the pigment.

The varnish itself is really bright and if you’re in a rush you can easily get away with just the one coat. The brush gives a beautiful, smooth application with just the right amount of polish on for even coverage. The only thing I have against this polish is that it seems to chip fairly easily. It last a lot longer when using a top coat but I think when you’re buying more expensive beauty products, the quality should be reflected more. I like using a glossy top coat as I think it’s the best way to wear red on your talons.

In the picture below, I have the plain red on all nails apart from my ring finger. The camera doesn’t quite give you a decent view of the shimmer but up close it is beautiful. It’s very subtle and adds a bit of sparkle to a traditional, classic look.

They are a little pricey at £18 a pop and with a tendency to chip without a topcoat but the colours are gorgeous and will last you quite a while as you don’t need many coats. Have any of you tried Dior varnishes out? What did you think?