NARSissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty related post but I’ve got a few nice bits recently. You may remember me posting about wanting to get the Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette last month here. I was lucky enough to get it from everyone at work for my birthday. I’ve been using it pretty much every day and I adore each of the colours.

First off, the packaging is stunning. I love the matte black casings that most NARS products come in but this mirrored pink front makes it all the more special. The mirror goes edge-to-edge so you can actually use it – I have a pet hate when there’s the tiniest little square on the reverse of lids. If I’m going away, I don’t need to take a separate mirror anymore.

narsissist unfiltered II cheek palette

Let’s talk colours; they are all beautiful and highly pigmented! From left to right you have Conquest, Undefeated and Power Play on the top row. Underneath, you have Hot Sand, Fame and Candid. On first glance, I thought that Candid might be a little too dark for me but it’s not and it has quickly become a favourite.

The formula for the Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette is incredibly versatile. The colours are really buildable if you want something for going out or can be really subtle. Conquest and Power Play are both matte, one peach, the other pink. The rest all have a little bit of shimmer in them but again, can be used for every day. I’ll still use a highlighter with them.

narsissist unfiltered II cheek palette

Rather than doing some swatches of all of them, I just wanted to show you the ones that I like the most with my complexion. In the first picture (above) I’m wearing Undefeated. It’s a very natural pink for me against the pigments of my skin, there’s not a lot of shimmer in it so it just adds a little radiance for sunny days.

Another one that I keep reaching for is Candid (below) on the bottom right of the palette. I thought it would be far too dark but it’s a really buildable colour. I can use it lightly for every day or go more full on with it for evenings. It has a bit more shimmer so if I’m using it for work, I won’t tend to use a highlighter as well. If you’re using it for a night out or similar, I would use a little of my highlighter too.

narsissist unfiltered II cheek palette

The longevity is just as you would expect from a NARS product. I’m not currently using any finishing powders and even without one, it will last all day without the need to reapply. I’m using it on top of my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which it seems to blend perfectly with. There’s no patchiness and it’s completely smooth when they’re used together.

I’m in love with my Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette and use it pretty much every day! My MAC powders have taken a bit of a backburner for the time being, especially as this has so many more Spring/Summer colours. If you’re looking for a few new colours, I couldn’t recommend this one enough!

Have you tried out the Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette yet?