New Hair, What Should I Do?!

I’m so incredibly bored with my hair right now. I haven’t dyed it in well over two years, which is an extremely long amount of time for me. Changing the colour of my hair from different shades of brown, to blonde, to auburn, to balayaged has been what I always do. I don’t normally last longer than a year with one colour. Something needs to be done ASAP, I need new hair desperately! There have been a few different styles and shades that I’ve been thinking of but I really can’t decide. Some look quite easy to maintain, others are going to require a trip to the hair dresses every 4-6 weeks which probably isn’t the most ideal.

So what do I do when I want to look for a new hairstyle? Pinterest. Where else would you go? I know these aren’t my photos but I really want some advice on what new hair I should get! It’s a tough life (!) and a couple of opinions won’t hurt.


new hair balayagenew hair balayage

This is something I have had done before, just not as dark and not as blonde. I always thought about doing a more vivd versiom like these. As much as i hate to say it, I get the odd grey hair – eek! So I really need yo dye the roots too, last time I had mu natural hair that went lighter towards the bottom. The only thing with this is that I’ve had a similar colour before so can see myself getting bored with it quickly.

Rose Gold

new hair rose goldnew hair rose gold

This keeps appearing everywhere! I really love the colour but its quite light so I will probably need to get my hair bleached first which wont really be great. I actually went into a hairdressers to talk about this and discussed doing slightly darker roots that blend to the rose gold so the roots dont show as obviously.

Lilac Balayage

new hair lilac balayagenew hair lilac balayage

When I came back from the States, I originally had my heart set on doing something like this. I love the idea of having a lilac or lavender colour at the ends but maintenance is going to be incredibly important for this one. I also have very red and pink skin tones so I’m not entirely sure how much it will suit me.


new hair coppernew hair copper

Copper is a love/hate colour of mine. I really love it but it’s very vibrant and if I don’t like it as much, red tones are so incredibly hard to get rid of! However, this will suit my freckles and fair skin oh so well.

So help! What do you think I should have as my new hair?!