Rose-Gold Balayage: New Hair!

You may remember me having a bit of a dilemma a while back about how I should get my hair done? Well I finally took the plunge and got a rose gold balayage! And I’m completely in love with it! I feel so much more ‘me’; I’ve had it very normal and natural colours for so long and just wanted a huge change.

I’ve been talking to Chelsie at Deva Hair in Chester for a few weeks and been in for various different colour consultations and finally decided that I wanted to try out the rose gold colour. The only issue with this, is that is doesn’t really exist! You have to mix together different colours to try and get the right effect.

rose gold balayage

When I went to the salon, I decided I want to have my hair cut short too. It’s so long and doesn’t really do anything apart from be as flat as a pancake against my head. I’ve had some shape put round my face too which I’m still getting used to styling but I love. Another issue I had was that it never curls anymore. It’s still not amazing but I’m wondering whether it’s that the GHDs I’m using are a bit old now. I want to get some new curlers for Christmas so homefully they will work more effectively.

I wanted to keep my root colour quite natural (and also cover some pesky greys!) so that I didn’t have to go to the hairdressers as often. In order to get the brighter rose-gold ends, I had to get my hair bleached. I was a little worries about this because of how much it can damage your hair but Chelsie used a treatment on it to help restore the quality. I honestly think that it feels better than it did before!

rose gold balayage

After it had been lightened, all the dye and bleach was washed off and the colour was put through the ends. I didn’t have my glasses on as I wanted it to be more of a surprise! The rose-gold is amazing and I love the outcome of the cut. It’s really hard to get a picture of it as the camera doesn’t do the colour justice! It looks quite orangey but it has more pink tones in it under a natural light.

The colour will fade over time but I can change the colour each time a go if I’d like so when I feel like a change, I can do so more easily. I think I might try for a more pink rose-gold next time or even the lilac that I looked at. It’s so autumnal and such a massive change from my long boring, Florida sunbleached hair. So happy with the results!