NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

One thing I’ve seen no end about at the moment is the brand NYX! I’m so happy they are finally available to buy in Boots. Previously, I’ve had to go to a beauty show or stock up when I’m in America. They have so many golden products that I have always loved to use. One of my favourite red lipsticks is from NYX and has never let me down. I’ve seen a lot of reviews for the NYX Lingerie range so I picked some up when I went into town. If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a good nude.

I had the intention of only buying the NYX Lingerie in the colour Corset. It’s one that I’d seen online and really liked the look of. However, when seeing it in person, I thought it looked a little too pale for my complexion so decided to look at the others. There were a few that appealed to me but in the end, I decided to be good and only buy two. The colours I chose were Honeymoon and Embellishment.

NYX Lingerie Embellishment

NYX Lingerie Honeymoon

Embellishment (top image) is a cool, blue toned pink wheras Honeymoon (bottom image) is a grey-brown liquid lipstick. I love how we can never have enough nudes and to other people, they probably all look the same! There are so many other colours that I want to get so might have to go back in for some more. The colour can change a little as it dries which I would say takes about 30 seconds. The colour that you can see through the package is also pretty accurate to how it appears on your lips. I hate it when a liquid lipstick doesn’t dry how you think it will.

The formula is quite light and it’s easy to apply with the doe foot applicator. As they are made to be matte, I found that they were far too dry when I first used them. Since then, I use a balm first and this seems to do the job just right.

NYX Lingerie Embllishment

NYX Lingerie Honeymoon

One thing I would also note; the first time I used it, I went over my lips a little too many times with the colour. The formula becomes quite sticky and doesn’t dry as easily. You only need a couple of swipes of the wand to make the colour perfect. They didn’t last as long as I was hoping, only a few hours. Saying that, they are £6.50 and not a high-end brand, so I shouldn’t have expected any longer than 4 hours or so.

Overall, I’m really chuffed with my purchase. I love the different nudes that the NYX Lingerie range has to offer. Although a littler dry first time, the formula teamed with some balm is great and they look beautifully matte. I think I’ll probably end up buying a few more!

Have you tried any of the NYX Lingerie range? What did you think?