Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco

Something that has been an active part of my beauty routine for about three years now is the Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco. I first came across it whilst battling with the humidity in Florida. Hair oils have always been a favourite of mine and I love trying new ones. This one has always been a staple for me. It’s my go-to and to put it simply; it just works.

Moroccan Argan Oils are great for getting a shine and smoothing out any frizz. They feel luxurious and, from the ones that I’ve tried, smell amazing. They also supposedly help to reduce split ends but, in my honest opinion, the only way to get rid of split ends is to get them chopped off. Sorry, no product can fix your broken hair fibres. Brave the hairdressers and get them cut off for a fresh new bob.

Organix Weightless Argan Oil

One of the reasons I like the Organix Weightless Argan Oil is because it’s so fine and you can spray it on your hair. As much as I like the thicker ones that you can distribute on your hair yourself, I find this so much easier. I always spritz onto wet hair before blow drying and giving it a brush through. The oil makes it feel incredibly soft without being too greasy. It’s lightweight so doesn’t bring your hair down.

I often curl my hair by leaving it in a low bun whilst it’s damp. Brushing through my hair to separate it can leave it looking big and frizzy. I often spray directly onto my hair again with the oil or I’ll put it on my hands and then brush through my strands. It gives it some nice defined curls without looking too much like I’ve spent hours on curling my hair.

As with any hair oil, it takes a few goes to see how much you need depending on your hair type. For me, if I just need to keep my hair frizz-free for the day and want my hair to look great, I’ll use about four sprays all over. The next day, my roots do look a little slick, though. If I’m using it as part of my everyday routine, I’ll only spray on the ends. I find that when you brush your hair, it smooths out the roots with what has transferred to your brush.

Organix Weightless Argan Oil

One of the other key points to this product is that it is completely affordable and accessible. I tend to get mine from Boots so that I can collect the points. You can get it from most supermarkets for around £7. It lasts a few months for me so it’s not something you’ll have to re-buy on a regular basis either.

So there you have it, my most loved hair product: The Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco. There are a lot of different brands out there that do similar products but out of all the ones I have tried, this is my favourite.

What are you favourite hair oils or serums?

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Organix Weightless Argan Oil of Morocco