Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

As most people know, I get bored extremely quickly, especially when it comes to my hair. So, guess what? I now have pink hair and I adore it! After planning a trip home a few weeks in advanced, I managed to get an appointment with my cousin Donna. I’ve been thinking about playing with colour a bit more for a while and decided that I should just go for it. After trawling Pinterest (where else do you look for a new hairstyle?!) I found a style with dark brown roots and pastel pink lengths that I really liked.

After showing Donna, she got the dyes for when I came home. We bleached my hair first for the part I wanted pink and to get rid of the previous colour. I went for a darker shade on top than my natural hair colour because I miss my brunette locks. For the pink, we tried the Bleach London Rosé colour but my hair didn’t take to it very well. It hadn’t gone quite light enough to be a pastel pink so we used another by Wella.

She warned me that it would be really bright and darker to start with but that it would fade. Colour never sticks around on my hair for long unfortunately! However, I absoluteley loved it! It was super bright pink but it has now faded to a lovely rose colour. Once it fades a bit more, I’ll start using the Bleach London Rosé shampoo and conditioner and see how that goes.

I’m not great with the upkeep of dye which is why I wanted to get darker roots. I won’t have to get the pink dyed as often but I can get the roots done as and when it’s needed. I got a little side fringe cut back in too which I’m still retraining to fall the right way.

So who knows how long this style will stick?! I always change my mind, I might have the brown dragged through a bit more next time but we’ll see. I’m definitely growing it again though, I miss my long locks!

New pink hair

What do you think to my new pink hair? Yay or nay? (I won’t take offence!!)