Tropic Skincare Review

Tropic Skincare Review

I was introduced to Tropic Skincare by a friend who has now become an ambassador for the brand and holds skincare parties. The first product I tried was the Smoothing Cleanser and instantly loved it. I’m often lazy when it comes to skincare and it’s partially down to the fact I always change products. Using a few different products to change up my routine is something I’ve always done.

You may have heard of Susie Ma who created Tropic Skincare as she was on The Apprentice in 2011. After growing up in Cairns, she developed the founding product (Body Smooth Polish) from natural ingredients. Her vision was to produce a brand that offered beauty items made from natural and cruelty-free resources. Lord Alan Sugar became a 50/50 partner in the company and the rest, is pretty much history.

Tropic Skincare is now a brand with over 8,000 ambassadors promoting and selling the products in the UK. You can become an ambassador and sell the products to earn a commission. For the girls that I know that use it, it started as a product we all tried and loved and for one, it has now become a successful business. Party hosts can also earn a percentage of what’s sold and claim it against items.

Tropic Skincare Products I’ve Tried

For me, I started off with the Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier. It comes with a bamboo washcloth also which feels really soft against your skin. That was purely on the recommendations of others. After Meg’s first Tropic Skincare party, there were so many different items I wanted to get my hands on! I decided to purchase the Travel Essentials kit to try a few more products along with the Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask to help breakouts. They’ve become products I can’t live without and I’ll continue to reorder for the foreseeable future.

Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier

Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier

This is the first product I tried out and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for an amazing quality cleanser. It’s a little similar to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in the way that you use it. It comes in a pump bottle so you don’t lose any product because you can’t get to it. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, of course, but the most prominent ones in this are jojoba, avocado and eucalyptus oils and smell incredible.

The directions say to use the Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser onto dry skin, which I do in the mornings. Otherwise, when I’m wearing make-up, I find it much more effective wetting your face a little first. I use a couple of pumps onto my hand then rub into my skin using circular motions, focussing on my face and forehead. I cleanse my brows and eyes last as that’s usually where I have the most make-up. Once applied, I use the soft bamboo cloth that comes with the cleanse. Wring out some really hot water and place it on your face for a spa-like feeling! After wiping away the product, my face feels super soft.

Miraculously, this has become part of a routine for me now. I cleanse as soon as I wake up and use it to take my make up off every day. It leaves my skin so soft, helps me keep spots at bay and is really moisturising. I’ve never been so in love with a cleanser, especially as I’m quite lazy with skincare, but I have reordered this a few times now and can’t see it going anywhere.

Travel Essentials

I couldn’t decide which other products I wanted to try so went for the Tropic Skincare Travel Essentials kit. It comes with miniatures of the cleaner I spoke about above along with the Vitamin Toner, the Skin Revive Moisturise, the Organic Elixir oil, Lip Love Balm and a bamboo face cloth.

Tropic Skincare Travel Essentials

I don’t ever really buy toners because I don’t always see the point in them and I hate waiting for my face to dry. However, I’ve never had a spray one and this one is so fine it’s nice and refreshing to use after I’ve used a really hot cloth with the toner. It pretty much dries instantly too which is great. The cucumber in it is really cooling and although it has rose water in it, you can’t smell it. Which for me is a bonus because I’m really not fond of rose-scented things.

The Tropic Skin Revive (now called Skin Feast) moisturiser is incredible! It’s fairly thick but sinks into your skin so quickly and easily. I don’t think I’ve ever used such a good base for foundation either! I use this after my toner, morning and night to keep any dry patches at bay, especially with winter only around the corner. I’ll definitely be buying a full-sized version once my smaller version runs out.

An item I was really keen to try was one of the oils after using them at Meg’s launch party. One of the greatest things about the Tropic Travel Essentials is that you get a mini version of the Organic Elixir oil. It’s one of the pricier items on it own at £24 for 30ml so getting a 10ml in the kit for £28 is an amazing price. I use mine a couple of times a week as a treat after moisturising. You only need a few drops to cover your whole face. I apply in circular motions and it really helps to hydrate my skin overnight and help any blemishes or red spots.

Finally, the last product in the Travel Essentials is the Lip Love Balm. I go through lip balms like crazy so this was a nice little addition for me. It comes in a little pot and I’ve found I have to whirl my finger around a little to get it a bit warmed up. It’s not too greasy considering it’s oil-based. It’s really light and gives the perfect amount of moisture. I layer it up a bit more at night to make sure they’re hydrated in the morning.

Clear Skin Blemish-fighting Mask

Tropic Skincare Clear Skin Mask

This is one of the products I’ve been most excited to try out! Just recently, I’ve had a lot of hormonal breakouts so I’ve been looking for a mask to use once or twice a week to help with any spots I get. The Tropic Clear Skin Blemish-fighting Mask is the perfect answer for this. The green clay and spirulina help to draw out any toxins and the charcoal helps to reduce any redness. I must admit, the first time I used it, it smelled a bit like my smoothies because of the spirulina!

I use mine once a week or more often if I’ve got a breakout. It’s also great to just use on the odd spot each day to help bring it down. This is the only thing I use now to prevent and reduce; no more nasty chemicals that I don’t think even work. I also really want to get Deep Hydration Mask to use in between to help during the windier months of the year as my skin gets so dry.

Have any of you used the Tropic Skincare range? What did you think?