A Park in a Day; Epcot

A Park in a Day; Epcot

Epcot (or rather Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) as you all know, holds a really special place in my heart. I called it home for over a year and I’d like to think that I know it like the back of my hand. There really is no way, like Magic Kingdom, that you could do this in a day but if that’s all you have, then so be it. This is also more of an ‘adult’ park in my opinion, how many other places are you able to eat and drink your way around the world? So if you want to try doing a park in a day; Epcot, these are the things you must see.

A Park in a Day; Epcot


American Music Machine – These guys are incredible! They’re a 5-piece acapella group and sing a range of different songs. From Disney classics, to pop, to 80s hits, definitely make the time to see them if you can.

British Revolution – Obviously I’m a little bias when it comes to the band in the UK Pavilion but they are amazing. I never used to like them when I went on holiday when I was younger but after hearing them every day, they do some covers of great British rock songs and are well worth the listen. Nothing better than having a pint and some chips whilst listening to them.

a park in a day; epcot

O’ Canada – This is a 360 show in the Canada Pavilion with Martin Short. In his own comedic way, he shows you the different landscapes and the people of Canada. You will want to go travelling as soon as you see it and the song is beautiful and will be stuck in your head all day.

Illuminations – The Epcot firework show really spectacular. Again, I’m slightly more opinionated on this because I saw it every time I worked the late shift. The music is great and it’s a little more than just fireworks. There are lasers and the show spreads around the World Showcase. My favourite place to watch it from is the bridge between the UK and France.

a park in a day; epcot


Spaceship Earth – Inside the big golf ball at the front of the park. It pretty much gives you a feel for what Epcot is about; our earth and how it has developed and the ever-changing technologies that we have. It also has Dame Judi Dench narrating, what’s not to love?

a park in a day; epcot

Soarin’ – (fast pass) One of the best rides in terms of technology in my opinion. You fly above different landscapes and not only does it look like you’re there, it smells like it too. The thought and detail. It used to just fly over California but it was re-done in 2016 and goes over lots of places now.

Living With The Land – This is a guilty pleasure of mine. Essentially, it’s a little boat ride going through different ecosystems that show how people live and work with different types of lands. At the end, you travel through the Disney greenhouses that provide a lot of the vegetation and fish for the restaurants in the parks.

Mission Space – If you get motion sickness, this probably really isn’t for you; It’s a simulator that takes you on a mission to Mars. Although the graphics really need updating, the ride itself feels so realistic and you can feel a huge g-force coming over you. There is a less intense version that doesn’t spin but I haven’t been on it.

Gran Fiesta Tour – Another favourite of mine that’s in the Mexican Pavilion; a boat ride with the Three Caballeros through Mexico. It’s really cute and in the Mayan temple that you can see throughout most of the World Showcase. Make sure you have a look at the detail inside the pyramid, it’s incredible.


Sunshine Seasons – This is one of my favourite quick service locations. There’s so much choice that you find it difficult to chose. Most of the veggies are produced in the greenhouses that I mentioned in Living With The Land. So whether you fancy something Asian, American or just healthy, you’ll find it here.

a park in a day; epcot

Flower & Garden/Food & Wine huts – Depending on what time of year you’re at Walt Disney World, you will usually find there’s a festival going on at Epcot. Try as much as you can from the huts around the World Showcase, I especially recommend the muscles (below) from the New Zealand hut and Frushi from Japan (above).

a park in a day; epcot

Teppan Edo – This is my favourite restaurant in Epcot! It is definitely a little on the pricey side but so worth it. Located in the Japan Pavilion, it’s a Teppan-Yaki restaurant where the chefs but on a show and cook right in front of your eyes. You eat with a few different people around them, depending on how big your party is. The food is incredible and tastes amazing.

Obviously, there is so much more to see in Epcot, the World Showcase alone would probably take you a day if you did it properly. There’s definitely more of an adult feel due to the amount of food, drink and informational rides but it has always been my favourite park. It’s nice to go here in the evenings to just for a drink and to watch the fireworks.

Do you have any suggestions for doing a park in a day; Epcot?