A Park in a Day: Hollywood Studios

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hollywood Studios; it’s home to some of my favourite rides and attractions and was the first place I ever worked in Walt Disney World. There are a lot of renovations going on right now for some awesome Star Wars and Toy Story expansions. Some say that you can do it in about half a day but there are so many things going on, I really don’t think you can totally. That being said, it is a much easier to do in less time so here are my recommendations for a park in a day: Hollywood Studios.

A Park in a Day: Hollywood Studios


Star Wars Launch Bay – If you like Star Wars, then you will love this for the meet and greets. They seem to change it up between Kylo Ren or Darth Vader and Chewbacca. If I’m not mistaken, you can also meet BB8 there now too. If you have younger children, you can also take small items such as pens or glow sticks to trade with the Jawas.

a park in a day: hollywood studios

Fantasmic – (fast passes) This is hands down another one of my favourite shows! Join Mickey to battle the villains of the Disney with fireworks, lasers and pyrotechnics. This starts filling up an hour before and gets incredibly busy so even with fast passes, try and get there 30-40 minutes early!

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular – Often, this clashes with Fantasmic so if you can’t get seats, this is definitely a great alternative. A firework and laser show with many clips of the films projected onto the Chinese Theatre. Pretty amazing with the fireworks going off in sync with the music.


Hollywood Tower of Terror – (fast passes) I won’t lie, I really don’t like this ride because it drops you and it genuinely scares me. However, the lead up to the ride and the queue is so immersive, you have to do it once. If you like your thrill rides, this is the one for you. Enter the Twilight Zone and see the park from high up, before dropping up and down. I’d recommend doing it whilst the sun is setting to get a beautiful view of the golden hour.

a park in a day: hollywood studios

Toy Story Midway Mania – A fun shooting game with Woody and friends. It’s been renovated in the past few years to install and extra track as the queues used to be 2 hours +. Not so bad now and definitely worth a bit of a wait.

Star Tours – A Star Wars simulator that has various scenarios from all of the films. It’s different pretty much every time and the queue is normally low so I’d recommend doing it a few times.

Aerosmith Rock n’ Rollercoaster – (fast passes) Again, another thrill ride but this one I absolutely adore! Join Aerosmith on their limo journey to their gig but with a lot more loops! An indoor coaster that speeds into gear accompanied by various iconic Aerosmith songs.

a park in a day: hollywood studios


Hollywood Scoops – One of my favourite places to grab an ice cream. Located down Sunset Boulevard next to Tower of Terror. Much better than the ice cream you can get in the Fantasmic Stadium if you’re looking for a sweet treat for the show.

ABC Commissary – Great quick service; loads of options for burgers, chicken, seafood and some great salads. It also has a huge dining area that’s air conditioned really well so when it’s hot and busy, definitely take advantage.

50s Prime Time Cafe – Quite possibly my all time favourite Disney restaurant. This is where I worked in 2013 so clearly have a soft spot for it but it’s an amazing themed dining experience. Have dinner at ‘mom’s house’ in 1950s America; home comfort food such as chicken pot pie, meatloaf, fried chicken and so much more. Make sure you eat your greens though! Otherwise, ‘mom’ will tell you off and you won’t get dessert!

a park in a day: hollywood studios

So when people say that it only takes half a day to do a park now, it really won’t. There’s still so much to see and it’s the kind of park you can go back to and get a different experience every time. It’s the Hollywood that never was, but always will be as the say.

a park in a day: hollywood studios

This is the last in my Disney ‘A Park in a Day’ series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it because I have loved writing them and reminiscing. I’m going to continue having a Disney post each week (most Tuesdays) so if you would like to keep up to date, make sure you’re following me in one way or another.

Do you have any suggestions for a park in a day: Hollywood Studios?

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A Park in a Day: Hollywood Studios