Disney CRP Historical Research Center Interviews

*UPDATE* Since finishing my program with HRC, I have written about my experience doing the Disney CRP Historical Research Center. I’ve put together what the role entails along with the pros and the cons. Please also see the links at the bottom of the page for more application advice and info about my fifteen months doing the Disney CRP.

*Original Post*

As I mentioned, I wanted to write some blogs and make some videos about the Disney CRP Historical Research Center aspect of the program. When applying, I searched the internet high and low to find blogs and videos about it but there’s pretty much nothing. I’ve made my first video about the interviews that I had and how it was different to the normal CRP process.

The application is a three stage process. There are the normal group interviews and the face to face interviews. There is then an extra phone/skype interview with someone from HRC. In the video, I go through the interview and the questions that I was asked for the Disney CRP Historical Research Center.

I can’t wait to film more and just be out there now! If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me either on here or YouTube. Enjoy!

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