Disney ICP: My Final Week

It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this update, partially because I’ve been busy but also because I’m sad it’s all over. We’ve all been counting down to our last week but… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 9 Update

So week nine is our last full week at Disney so it was jam packed and busy once again. On Monday I finished at 5.30pm for the first time in what seems like forever so… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 8 Update

So this week was our mini vacation week (yes, vacation, not a holiday, I’m that English girl who has picked up American phrases!) so Joe, Leah and I started it off properly with a character… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 7 Update

Monday was a relaxing day off; Leah and I went to Florida Mall briefly in the morning to shop around and to return a bag as it had broken. We were going to go to… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update

This week might be a slightly shorter update purely because I went to Key West and took so many photos that I’m going to write a post purely on that day. I’ve done a few… View Post