Disney ICP: Week 3 Update

Disney ICP: Week 3 Update

So my third week has come to an end and my fourth is already whizzing by! My time here is going ridiculously quick and we have been given our graduation dates for the program which is depressing! Work is still lots of fun and I’m trying to organise my time more effectively as I’m not usually in until 4 or 5pm.

I went on a lovely (but expensive!) trip to Florida Mall on Tuesday 24th with Leah, Kat and Paige. I set myself a limit and didn’t go over, but most definitely hit it! A few of the things are beauty related so you will probably see some reviews appearing on the blog over the next week or so of the bits I have bought. A ridiculous amount of time was spent in Forever 21 as it has to be the biggest I’ve ever been in and also two storeys. There was also an obligatory trip to Sephora and a peak at the Victoria’s Secret sale which works out so incredibly cheap in pounds. I also went to a frozen yoghurt cafe that had loads of differently flavours and was priced by weight not size, which we all took advantage of! I ended up having cheesecake and chocolate with more toppings on than I care to remember!

Disney ICP: Week 3 Update 1

That evening, Leah and I headed to Smoky Bones which is a bar and restaurant that sells the most amazing ribs ever. I go pretty much twice every holiday with my parents. It was a bit too far to walk so we got a taxi. I had my usual brown sugar rubbed St Louis ribs with sweet potato fries (the most scrummy ones known to man!), some onion rings and a cocktail to wash it down with. We only had third racks so that we had a little room left for some pudding. I had some cake bites, which turned out to be fried in donut batter – only in America! It was delicious though.

smoky bones, kissimmee

smoky bones, kissimmee

smoky bones, kissimmee

smoky bones, kissimmee

smoky bones, kissimmee

I had another day off the next day and decided to take advantage and head to Epcot later on in the afternoon after a lazy morning of gymming and sunbathing. The character spot was only a five minute wait too so I managed to get my photo taken with a few new friends! I wanted to get a good spot for illuminations at 9pm so set my camera and tripod up an hour early and waited at the front. I’m so pleased I did it as some of the photos have come out really well. I think I may have been a little too close for some of the show but practise makes perfect!

Week3 001

Week3 002

Week3 003

Week3 004

Week3 005

Week3 006

Week3 007

Week3 008

Week3 009

The next couple of days I pretty much only went to work, but Saturday morning was so much fun! I had my very first character breakfast in one of the best hotel restaurants that Disney has to offer at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian with my room mate, Leah. It was a buffet breakfast with all the American style usuals; waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, breads, fruit, cereal, yogurts, etc. we were joined by Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and last but not least Mary Poppins. It was great and I really want to do it again before I leave but at ‘Ohana. The price wasn’t too bad either and with our discounts it was $25 including tip, which for a Disney restaurant, is pretty good!

Week3 010

Week3 012

Week3 014

Week3 015

Week3 016

Week3 017

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Week3 022

Week3 023

Sunday brought me another day off and I went to Animal Kingdom with some other ICPs from the UK that I had met before called Aimee, Blair and Sean (who I realised I had met at the Manchester meet up). It was a pretty good day, nice and chilled out and we got some more photos with characters. I even had my very first funnel cake since arriving, which was cinnamon and amazing!

Week3 024

Week3 025

Week3 026

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