Disney ICP: Week 4 Update

This is going to be an uber short update as this week as I’ve pretty much worked most evenings and spent my days by the pool or in the gym. However, I have taken a fair few pictures from my day off so it seemed silly to combine two weeks in a post together.

On Monday I went to Epcot with Leah, Jess, Shelby and Mari. It was nice to have a group of us together for once rather than just a couple of us due to clashing schedules. We ate at Via Napoli in the Italian Pavilion and had an absolutely humungous pizza between 4 of us and some yummy Sangria to wash it down with. We managed to get round most of the World Showcase and also get Soarin Fastpasses. We sat right at the front, which I had never done before so was nice to see the video without people’s feet dangling just above my head.

In the evening we went to the Contemporary Resort for some food but also to watch the start of the July 4th fireworks. If there’s one thing that I love about America, it’s their patriotism, and the firework displays they put on for Independence Day were phenomenal. I had my camera and tripod with me once again so tried to take some more photos but using my 50mm lens instead this time.

I was working a lot in the week, like I said, but I went to Hollywood Studios twice before, with Jamie (a girl I work with) and then with Joe (who is also and ICP). I didn’t take many photos though. However, I did try the amazing limited edition July 4th cupcake. It had an apple pie filling, with caramel buttercream icing covered in apple crisp, which is kind of like a granola/pastry topping.

I’ve taken quite a few photos this week so next weeks post will have a bit more interesting as I’ve done more! I can’t believe how quickly time is going here! I feel like I haven’t done half the things I wanted to yet!

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Disney ICP: Week 4 Update