Disney ICP: Week 6 Update

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update

This week might be a slightly shorter update purely because I went to Key West and took so many photos that I’m going to write a post purely on that day. I’ve done a few things before work on some of the days but not had chance for many photos. I went to Cast Connections for the first time on Monday before work which is a warehouse with loads of older season Disney stuff or ‘broken’ and then fixed Disney merchandise and is ridiculously cheap. I’m going to make sure I head back there before I leave as some of the bits are really worth it.

Tuesday was my first of two beautiful days off with Leah and Jess. We didn’t want to do anything too exhausting as we has to get the bus to Key West at 2am so we spent it in the Prime Outlets furthest away from us. It rained for most of the day again unfortunately so we spent it diving between shops. I also had my first cheeky McDonalds since my first night here, it tastes so much better that the UK’s!

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 1

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 2

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 3

2am Wednesday morning was the start of our Key West adventure. I’ll let you guys know what we got up to in my next post but it ended up being a wonderful day so here are two of my favourite photos.

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 4

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 5

The next few days I was predominantly just working and catching up on sleep! On Sunday at work we got some yummy food for breakfast at work which was very much appreciated! Bread pudding with chocolate chips, so healthy, you can see the weight dropping off me, right?! In the evening after work I went to Paradiso 37 with Leah and also met a girl called Rhona who did the program last year and now lives out here. We had the big, bowl cocktails and a few appetisers and then went to somewhere called Orlando Ale House after to have some more drinks and also have a desserts.

Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 6

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Disney ICP: Week 6 Update 9

So that’s another week over with! We have so much planned over our last few weeks so we are going to be busy, busy, busy! I really can’t believe it will all be coming to and end soon, this makes me very sad!