Disney ICP: Week 9 Update

Disney ICP: Week 9 Update

So week nine is our last full week at Disney so it was jam packed and busy once again. On Monday I finished at 5.30pm for the first time in what seems like forever so Leah and I headed to Hooters to take advantage of the unlimited chicken wings. It looked really stormy and luckily we got to a bridge just before the rain hit. I decided to film the thunder and lightning and actually caught this. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen in!

It’s not the greatest of quality, but you get the gist of just how soaked we got. We were annoyed at the time but it’s so funny thinking back now, especially as I managed to record it! It’s safe to say that we went home and got changed then went back to Hooters after in a taxi with some others.

The next day we headed to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with Rhona, Sophie and Alex. It was ridiculously hot so the photos from this aren’t the most attractive! We met up with Michael who did the Disney program last year and is doing Universal this summer and managed to pretty much walk on every ride which meant we did pretty much every ride we wanted to. They even got me on Rip Ride Rock It which I was dead set not to go on. The rollercoaster part was amazing but I was still petrified by the bit that goes up vertically at the beginning!!

On the Tuesday I did the four park challenge with Mari and Rob but I’m doing a separate post on that this week so I won’t include any pictures for that. However, I did get to see Wishes again and have one of my most favourite ice creams in the whole of Disney, The All American Sundae, complete with hot fudge, peanut butter drizzle, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Yummy!

I was working for the rest of the week but Leah and I went to Beaches and Cream before on the Saturday and had some appetisers and ice cream. I didn’t get chance to do the Kitchen Sink in the end but we had our own challenge with the ice cream sundaes that we ordered!! They were humongous and we definitely could not finish them!