Disney ICP: Week 5 Update

So we’ve almost hit the half way mark with our time here so we’ve been making more of an effort to do things on our days off and before work. On Monday I found out… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 4 Update

This is going to be an uber short update as this week as I’ve pretty much worked most evenings and spent my days by the pool or in the gym. However, I have taken a… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 3 Update

So my third week has come to an end and my fourth is already whizzing by! My time here is going ridiculously quick and we have been given our graduation dates for the program which… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 2 Update

This week has been slightly less busy in terms of going to the parks and places. I started my training for the job I’m doing so had quite a few long days where I was… View Post

Disney ICP: Week 1 Update

So as all of you will know by now, I landed in Orlando, Florida to start an experience of a lifetime working for Disney World last Monday. I’m going to put up weekly posts hopefully… View Post