The Disney ICP Process

The Disney ICP Process

This post has been a long time coming to be completely honest. As the majority of people will probably know by now, I’m going to be spending my summer working at Disney World, Florida. I always get asked how I managed to get a job like that so I thought I’d share my story. I leave a week on Monday so I’m hoping to put updates on here fairly regularly, along with some American beauty and skincare posts which I hope you’ll all enjoy. I’ll do a quick overview as I’ve left this until the week before I leave! There are plenty of other blogs out there though that have really detailed posts on the process. The program that I’m going to be a cast member in is the Disney International College Program (DICP) which is for the summer. You have to be at least 18 and still in education, but that does include final year students. There is also a Cultural Representative Program (CRP) which is a year long which you don’t need to have a degree or even be studying to be able to do.

The Disney ICP Process 1

The Application

For the UK, Yummy Jobs deal with all the Disney Summer Program applicants. You sign up to their site and fill in the application form online that includes all your usual information when applying for a job; names, age, experience, etc. I applied on 13th September 2012 and received an invitation to go to a presentation at Manchester Metropolitan University on 10th October. I was so happy when I got the email because I had applied the year before and didn’t even get to the second stage. You have to be a current student so this was the last chance I had to do it as I’m in my final year.

The Presentation

I confirmed my place immediately and we were told that the presentation would start at 9.30am so to get there 30 minutes before. The presentation consisted of lots of Walt Disney World videos talking about the program. We were told all the details, the costs, the dates, the housing, the next stage. I’m not going to go into too much detail on this as I’m going to do other posts whilst I’m there. After the presentation, we were given times to go back for a group interview. There were about ten people in each and it was more of a discussion than an interview. It was fairly relaxed, but you could tell that it was a competition to get the ‘best’, most Disney answers. I remember being asked that if I could be any character, who would I be. I said Belle because she is French and I can also speak the language. Other questions they asked at this point were things along the lines of why we want to do it and whether we are suitable for the ‘Disney Look’. The Disney look is fairly strict and natural but I’ll do a post on this once I’m out there. We were told to keep an eye on our email as they would let us know if we get through to the next stage. I then received another invitation two days later to come back for an individual interview.

The Interview

Getting to the next stage was so exciting for me! I couldn’t sleep the night before because I had butterflies in my stomach. I had to fill in a few more forms, stating the roles that I would like to do. The ones available were: Quick Service Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Full Service Food and Beverage, Operations, Lifeguard, Character, Character Attendant, Recreation, Custodial, Housekeeping, Hotel Bell Service and Costuming. I really wanted to get Operations if I’m honest as I love speaking to people and helping them out. This would be based either on the rides or at the Main Gates. My interview was with a manager from WDW Epcot called Jim. I got asked why I wanted the position, which role I would like and what I do at the moment. I felt like it went well because he was really chatty and made you feel super comfortable.

The Disney ICP Process 2

We were told that we would find out two weeks from that date but actually got it a week later on 2nd November. I think its safe to say, I was totally unprepared to get the email saying I had made it onto the program and promptly started crying. At work. Always fun and not in the least embarrassing! The email stated that I had been accepted on the 10th June – 16th August program as a cast member in Full Service Food and Beverage. I was so excited!

And here I am now. Just over a week away from going. All moved home and waiting to go. I know this has been a long post but at the same time, for any of you considering applying, not all that detailed. I’m hoping that I’ll be doing one or two posts a week whilst I’m out there about the program and the experience itself so feel free to request any particular details you want to know.