Advice for the Q1 Visa, Historical Research Center

I thought I’d write a post with advice for the Q1 Visa. The Historical Research Center part of the Disney CRP is a little different when applying for your work permit. It’s similar to the… View Post

5 Places I Want To Visit

As a lot often do, I can honestly say I suffer with wanderlust – a strong desire to travel. I love the UK and Manchester in particular but I love travelling. I think that’s partially… View Post

Disney CRP Historical Research Center Interviews

*UPDATE* Since finishing my program with HRC, I have written about my experience doing the Disney CRP Historical Research Center. I’ve put together what the role entails along with the pros and the cons. Please… View Post

I’m Going Back to Disney World!!!

So I have some exciting news that you can probably guess from the title of this post… I’m heading back to work at Walt Disney World in Florida for almost 16 months in May and… View Post