Disneyland Paris Adventures

Disneyland Paris Adventures

Disneyland Paris is something I’ve wanted to check off my bucket list for a long time. Last month, after waiting what seemed like forever, I finally had my Disneyland Paris adventure! The main reason, as you’ve probably read and seen, was to participate in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo challenge; running a 10km race and then a half marathon on consecutive days. It was planned as a reunion and was possibly one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on.

I’ll be writing a few posts in relation to my trip but wanted to share some of my favourite photos with you. They have mainly been taken by myself, Christian or Rich and they don’t mind me using them for this post! Our trip started on a Thursday where the three of us and Jen met at St Pancras before boarding the Eurostar to Paris. We met up with Lene (Rich’s friend) at Gare du Nord and headed straight to Disneyland Paris.

We stayed in the Santa Fe hotel which is Cars themed and completely and utterly adorable. Our lampshades looked like road cones and the hotel was playing the soundtrack throughout. We had rooms next to one another so we could meet up before going to the parks. Our package included breakfast but I don’t think I would have paid for it if it wasn’t included. It was meats, cheeses, pastry, cereal and breads which was nice, but not for €16pp.

Disneyland Park

We had a total of three full days so decided to spend the first day in Disneyland Park, obviously! We had planned our day partially around different fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight. Walking into the park for the first time gave me the same feelings that being in Magic Kingdom did. Jen and I had a little moment and got a bit teary and then had a laughing fit to counteract our crying. I wasn’t really expecting to be so wowed because I’d been given a negative view of the Paris version before going. But it was magical!

Disneyland Paris Adventures 1

Disneyland Paris Adventures 2 Disneyland Paris Adventures 3 Disneyland Paris Adventures 4 Disneyland Paris Adventures 5

loved the Disneyland Paris rendition of Space Mountain; it’s had a Star Wars makeover and is so much more intense than the Florida one. It’s still inside apart from the beginning but is a much more ‘adult’ rollercoaster with twists, turns and loops. It reminded me of Rock n Rollercoaster. The overlay was really well done and I know people don’t necessarily like the Star Wars takeover but I adored it.

The park still has that magic touch; the cast members were friendly and happy, Main Street USA looked almost the same and the weather made it all the better. Before going, I’d been given the expectation that the staff weren’t as exceptional as in Florida, that people smoked anywhere and that there was more litter. This simply wasn’t the case in all honestly, Paris went above and beyond what I thought it would be like.

Walt Disney Studios

Our second day brought our first race of the weekend. Up bright and early, Christian, Rich and I headed over to Walt Disney Studios to the start line of the 10km. I was head-to-toe in a Tinkerbell outfit trying to raise money and awareness for Dementia UK. We all ran together and stopped for pictures along the way which should be out by the time this post comes out! It was a great route and was solely through the parks and backstage. We finished in just over an hour and I was massively excited for the half marathon the next day.

run disneyland paris

After going back to the hotel to meet Lene and Jen for breakfast and showering, we headed over to Walt Disney Studios. We took a fair few photos with the Partners Statue and collected some fast passes for Ratatouille. Unfortunately, I got really ill in the afternoon so was doing as many rides as possible in between throwing up – nice! It’s safe to say that I had a great excuse to not go on the Tower of Terror.

I couldn’t face doing on Crush’s Coaster but managed to get myself on Ratatouille which was amazing! Essentially, it’s a 4D simulation ride where you are escaping the chef in the restaurant. I’d say it’s comparable to the rides in Universal Studios in Florida more than any Disney ride. We got to do the animation lessons too which are no longer in the other parks which were hilarious. My Winnie the Pooh drawing ended up with a squashed face and looked more like a pug.

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Run Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

This race was probably one of the most difficult runs I have ever done. After being ill the day before, I hadn’t eaten anything the night before. I managed to eat a little toast and pasta about an hour before but it really wasn’t enough. Not participating wasn’t an option. I wanted the medals and I needed to do it for my grandma. We headed to the start line and joined in with the celebrations pre-race and got into our corrals. The boys left me as they were much faster than me when I was feeling good, let alone when I had zero energy. I got to mile four and was already struggling. At mile eight I wanted to drop out but I knew that I was only a little away from Lene and Jen cheering me on outside our hotel.

I really didn’t think I was going to finish and I did walk for a lot of it. My personal best wasn’t beaten but I finished it. If that was my first experience of a half marathon, I probably wouldn’t do one again. Getting those medals at the end was the best thing about the race. They are my little trophies and something to show that I can do it when I feel like I can’t and just need to power through. Bring on the Chester half marathon in April!

Disneyland Paris Adventures 9

Last Day Catch-Up

Our last day was supposed to be for finishing off the Disneyland Park as we’d been given the impression that the Studios would only need one. Not true, we still had lots left to do! We went back in there first and finally did Crush’s Coaster which was incredible! It was so much more intense than I was expecting and was so spinney. I loved every minute of it and was so glad I managed to get on it even though we queued for over an hour.

Disneyland Paris Adventures 10 Disneyland Paris Adventures 11

We spent the rest of the day back in Disneyland Park to go on some rides we didn’t get the chance to do first and to re-ride some others. I managed to get my hands Nutella crepe too which did not disappoint. We planned to watch the fireworks and projections Disney Illuminations Show altogether. We found a great spot to the left on a grassy hill which we didn’t think we’d be allowed on. Jen and I felt bittersweet because it reminded us of Wishes and we were sad to be leaving our little Disney bubble once more. It wasn’t quite as good but it still gave us all the feels.

Disneyland Paris Adventures 12 Disneyland Paris Adventures 13 Disneyland Paris Adventures 14

Our aim was to get some more cute castle photos at night with no one in the background. We ended up spending about an hour taking pictures and getting some super cute photos, some of which you can see below. It was a perfect way to end our time in the parks. I think I’ve taken enough photos to last me until my next trip!

Disneyland Paris Adventures 15 Disneyland Paris Adventures 16

I’ll be doing a few more Disneyland Paris posts with recommendations and tips so make sure you follow on Bloglovin or Twitter. Thank you Christian, Jen, Rich and Lene for an amazing time away!