What to Pack for Disneyland Paris in March

What to Pack for Disneyland Paris in March

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in March when it’s probably one of the most unpredictable months for weather. We’ve had flooding, we’ve had snow, we’ve had blue skies with bright sunshine and we’ve had overcast grey clouds with wind. The forecast says it will be fine most days but after researching loads, it’s recommended to take clothing for all of the above. Here are the essentials I’ll be taking to Disneyland Paris in March. Unfortunately, I won’t actually be using this case as it is far too well-loved and broken but it’s aesthetically pleasing!

What to Pack for Disneyland Paris in March: Clothing

Disney Merch

A fairly obvious one but make sure you take all your Disney themed clothes! I’ve got my DLP sweater packed along with some t-shirts. I only tend to wear Disney PJs in real life as I often feel like I get some odd looks in a t-shirt meant for an 8-year-old. I’ve got a couple of tasteful items I wear but I’m not a fan of tack. I’ve also got two pairs of ears ready to go but I may also buy another new pair.


I’m hoping that on some days, I’ll be able to get away with just a jumper or a sweater. I’ve probably jinxed it now by saying that but let’s think positively. I’ve got a few jumpers that I love, one being the grey Disneyland Paris sweater you can see in the picture. If it does happen to be on the warmer side, it’s not too chunky that it won’t fit in my bag.

Rain Coat (and Umbrella)

I’m really hoping I won’t need these, but there’s nothing worse than being wet and cold. At the moment, there is nothing forecast for rain so fingers crossed these can stay at the hotel.


Make sure to take comfy boots for walking around the parks. I will probably take my trainers along too as you really can get those steps in walking around the parks. Boots are my preference though, and considerably more waterproof if the heavens do open up.


Again, hopefully, I won’t need one but if it’s not too cold, I’d rather wear a scarf with a coat than have to wear a sweater.


I’d like to avoid wearing bulky jumpers and carrying a winter coat around if it is warm (it’s supposedly 17C some days!) so layers will be a must. I’d much rather wear a vest top and something longsleeved but thin under my leather jacket so I will make sure I have enough to get me through the week.

What to pack for disneyland paris in march

Park Essentials

Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

Tissues and hand sanitizer are something I always carry when I’m travelling about. I get a train to work most days so these are essential for me. I get nose bleeds fairly often and I have been caught short too many times. With Coronavirus escalating, it’s even more imperative to take hand sanitizer when you’re heading to Disneyland Paris.


This might just be me, but I’m a huge snacker! I will be trying out various Mickey-head shaped delights but I’ll probably take some cereal bars and fruit in with me to keep me going throughout the day.

Water Bottles

I drink between 2-3 litres of water most days so I’ll be taking mine with me for around the park. I’m not a massive fan of fizzy drinks (unless they’re sugar-free and in a can) so having a bottle will just mean I can fill up at the fountains.


We have sun and clouds scheduled for most the week. I’m always caught off-guard when it comes to the sun popping out so I will be double-checking I have these in my luggage.

Portable Charger

Ok, so I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus because I ended up not liking my Huawei and switched to my mum’s old phone. However, we all know what an older iPhone’s battery life is like so a portable charger will be coming with me everywhere.


I’ll be taking my DSLR with me as it’s so much better than any phone camera – especially mine. I know they’re a little bulky but my pictures will be much better quality and I love using it.

We’ve watched a lot of vlogs recently in order to try and work out what to pack for Disneyland Paris in March. The weather in them has really varied in them; some have sunny days, others rain and even some have snow! Fingers crossed, as long as it stays dry, we’ll be fine with the essentials above.

As you are probably aware if you follow me on Instagram, my trip to Disneyland Paris was cancelled. Flights have been cancelled and the parks were closed due to Coronavirus but I’d already written this post, so why let it go to waste?