All the best tips and experiences I’ve had at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

After living in Orlando for fifteen months, I got to experience all the usual tourist spots. There’s a lot of experiences that you don’t realise are there that are off the beaten track but easy to find if you know what to look for.

I worked out there as part of the Cultural Representative Program for the Historical Research Center in Epcot, Walt Disney World. My time there was incredible and I met so many amazing people that I am still friends with today. If you are ever thinking of applying, just go for it! You’ll find a few posts here about the application process and what I got up to, although some might not be up to date now.

I visited Disneyland Paris after getting home and tried to write about my experience there as a comparison. For anyone that doesn’t know whether it’s worth it, I’d say it is entirely. You have to accept that it’s not as big as WDW, doesn’t have the weather and is lacking in restaurants a little but it is still an amazing Disney fix.

I’m hoping to go back to Walt Disney World in 2021 for my 30th Birthday, and by the time I go, it will have been five years. Keeping up to date with all the changes going on in the meantime is what keeps me sane. Until then, enjoy the Disney section of my blog!

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