Advice for the Q1 Visa, Historical Research Center

Advice for the Q1 Visa, Historical Research Center

I thought I’d write a post with advice for the Q1 Visa. The Historical Research Center part of the Disney CRP is a little different when applying for your work permit. It’s similar to the standard program Q1 Visa Applications but some things are confusing. I have also had a Visa previously so if you’re unsure on what to put for yours, hopefully I can help you out. Always double check with Yummy Jobs but this is what I did for mine.

The Online Application

  1. Social Security Number – If you have been to Disney or worked in the USA before, you will ha a Social Security Number. This will not change, you keep the same one when you go back so you need to use this. Also, make sure you take you SSN card with you when you go to the States. It will save you a trip to get a new one which I think you have to pay for. If you need to get a new one, it means going about 6.30am. Which is never fun.
  2. Previous US Visas – The number is the one in red towards the right-hand side of your previous visa. It is not the control number.
  3. US Contact – For Disney, Yummy Jobs provides you a contact for you. Ours was Sue Sharpe and her office address. Even if you’re working for the Historical Research Center, you still put the Disney contact.
  4. Work/Education/Training Information – A few of us noticed that the application needed five years worth of work. However, there was only one option for your current position and only two boxes for previous. In my case, I needed three but there wasn’t enough space. I put my most recent and then used my Disney ICP (Summer Program). Using the Casting Center address with Sue Sharpe as a point of contact for it. I didn’t know what to write because I could only put three years.
  5. Where do you intend to work – Now this is specifically for the HRC aspect of the program. The Name of Employer is The Historical Research Center and Walt Disney World. The Street Address is Walt Disney Parks,Immigration Compliance, 12450 State Road 535 STE W113.
  6. Monthly Income (in USD) – I don’t know the exact amount for this but worked it out from the hourly rate on our acceptance letters. Multiply this by 38 hours then 52 weeks to arrive at the annual salary.

There are more questions on the Q1 Visa Application but these are the confusing ones. Please don’t take this as what you should definitely write for your Q1 Visa Application. Always check with your employer or recruiter.

The Interview at the US Embassy

I went to the London US Embassy for my visa interview. Make sure you take your Q1 application confirmation, your i797 petition from your employer, passport, a visa size photo and the confirmation/instructions for your appointment. Just in case, I took my offer letter too. You should take proof of savings/income to support you and proof of a reason to return. I have never been asked for these at a Visa interview but I took a bank statement from my savings and proof of my car registration.

When you get to the embassy, you are given a ticket number like in the Post Office. Take a seat and wait for your number to be called. You’ll be called up to a window where they take your computerised finger prints and take some of the documents from you. After, sit back down and wait for your number to be called again for your interview. I waited about 45 minutes between each and was there for just under two hours. Question may vary but I was asked what I’d be doing and where I’d be working. Done. Nothing to worry about, I promise! I know people that have waited for over four hours so make sure you take a book or something. However, I think you can take phones in now which is so much better.

I hope this helps some of you in applying for the Q1 Visa. As I’ve said, please don’t rely on my advice, it’s always worth double-checking with the US Immigration Services and your Employer as these details can change.